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Share your thoughts and Holiday with the world

eSamskriti is a platform to share your thoughts, photographs and travel experiences with the world.

The subject matter of your article should fall within any of the following areas i.e. Indian Culture, Thought & History, Spirituality, Current Affairs, Health (alternate therapy only), Life (you can share life’s learning’s and experiences), Mantras, Jain-Sikh-Buddhist traditions, Management, Foreign Affairs and Government Policy.

Photographs could be of temples, palaces, forts, heritage hotels, the Himalayas, treks, adventure and wild life. It can also include traditional paintings, garment making, how Indians dress, anything that captures the various facets of the Indian people. If the pictures are of outside India they should be of temples/Gurudwaras or capture how the Indian Diaspora is living abroad. Travelogues must cover travel experiences within India.

If you like to share read on for editorial guidelines.

  1. I want to contribute to the site with an essay, travelogue, pictures?
  2. We welcome your contribution. You can write to Sanjeev at [email protected] Wherever appropriate give the names of books referred to. If you wish to upload pictures of a recent holiday mail me first. Depending on the number of pictures they could be mailed or sent in a cd. The Editor will go through your content and edit the same at his discretion. Name of author would be mentioned against every contribution.

    Esamskriti does not accept any responsibility or liability if you have used quotes from a book, chosen a ghost writer, copied another article or given photographs for uploading without proper copyright or broken any laws to write the article. Esamskriti is not responsible if a visitor to the site reads your article, downloads it and publishes it in any format or reproduces parts of the article in any broadcasting medium be it print or electronic.

    There is no guarantee that your article would be accepted. Whether accepted or not the Editor will write to you within a maximum of 12 days of article submission.

    You will be informed once your contribution is uploaded. Links to your article would be emailed to all those visitors who have registered on the site. Depending on the content the site might also decide to email article links to over 2,500 Indians on its existing database.

    The Editor reserves the right to remove your article from the site at a future date although this is unlikely to happen in normal course.

  3. Are there any Editorial guidelines for contributing articles? The guidelines are -
  4. We want original articles. You can refer to books and quote them but the thoughts should be original.

    Your article must fit within the category and sub-category of the site.

    Your article can criticize the government and other human being but it must not promote hate. It must not seek to excite people. It should be based on facts not emotion.

    The article should be a maximum of 1200 words. If it is an essay it should be 3,000 words. If it is a travelogue maximum words is 1800. Depending on the subject the Editor can take a view on essay words.

    You can provide a maximum of two links to other sites including your own. At the end of article write four lines about yourself, a brief introduction.

    As of now eSamskriti does not pay fees to those who contribute content to the site.

    It would be useful to give a brief executive summary at beginning of article. Say four to six lines.

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