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How Many Indians Lost Their Lives Due To Terror Attacks
By Sanjeev Nayyar, January 2011 [[email protected]]

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India’s  tryst with terrorism started in the 1980’s with the Khalistani Movement. Bomb  blasts, tiffin blasts and use of AK47’s were widespread.  Super cop KPS Gill brought Punjab to normalcy  in the early 1990’s. He was supported by Congress CM of Punjab, Beant Singh.

Around  that time the Babri Masjid was demolished. Riots followed the demolition.  Mumbai’s Muslims took to the streets in December 1992 and fought with the local  police. The next wave of riots started after the hacking of Mathadi workers  (who works in Mumbai’s docks). The Shiv Sena took to the streets thereafter. A  large number of people were killed. In retaliation the ISI, Dawood Ibrahim and Indians  Muslims organized the 1993 serial blasts. To know the truth about the Mumbai  riots and blasts please read my article that was published in The Hindustan  Times Mumbai

Since  then terror attacks have occurred at regular intervals with Mumbai being a key  target. The 2002 post Godhra riots triggered off another round of blasts in  retaliation notwithstanding, that the riots were triggered by the burning alive  of 58 kar sevaks and nearly 250 Hindus lost their lives during the riots.  Sections of the media have demonized those Hindus who were involved in the  riots. To read other view ‘Godhra the True Story by Nicole Elfi

The  attached PDF file documents the lives lost since the Kanishka bombing/1993 Mumbai  blasts up to 31.12.10. It excludes those killed in Jammu & Kashmir, Hindus  and Sikhs killed during the Khalistani Movement and 2,733 Sikhs killed in 1984  after PM Smt Indira Gandhi was shot dead. Unfortunately the net and Google did  not exist in the 1980-1990’s therefore am unable to get reliable data on the  number of Indians killed by Sikh terrorists.

Have  given the source for numbers killed / hurt. Earlier never recorded media source  so do not have source but it is based on newspaper reports. I have tried to be  as accurate as possible. Errors and omissions are unintended and regretted. Please  write in if you find any errors. The purpose of this compilation is to present  facts comprehensively and not promote violence.

An  analysis of the PDF file indicates that starting 1993 maximum blasts occurred  in Congress ruled states. The links below take you to a wide variety of  articles on terror. Click here to read PDF.

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