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The Emergence Of Spacetime From The Akasha
By Sisir Roy, November 2016 [[email protected]]

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Introduction: Our proposed model for cosmic consciousness is made from a cellular dynamical network (CDN), a new category of discrete mathematical model.1 From a master CDN in the abstract universe outside of space and time | called QX, corresponding to the subtle akasha, henceforth simply akasha | we construct another CDN | called ST, corresponding to the gross akasha, henceforth simply spacetime, the phenomenal world of space, time, matter, motion, and multi-leveled cosmic consciousness | in a process we have called condensation. In this work we extend our recent book with an explicit discussion of the construction of time as a sequential, discrete, or step-wise, process.

We begin with a review of the historical background of atomism and discrete time from the East (Buddhism and Vedanta) and the West (from Pythagoras to the Renaissance), with special attention to the 16th century philosopher Giordano Bruno, one of the last of the atomists to include spirit or soul in his cosmology.

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Article is authored by Ralph Abraham and Sisir Roy. System takes name of only one author so mentioned Prof Sisir Roy.Ralph A is Mathematics Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA.

Sisir Roy was Professor Physics and Applied Mathematics Unit Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. At present he is T.V.Raman Chair Visiting Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISC Campus, Bangalore. Hi main focus is on interdisciplinary research.

His current Research Interest: Foundations of Quantum Mechanics; Brain function Modeling and higher order cognitive activities, role of noise in the brain; Quantum Probability and Decision Making. Quantum Reality and Ancient Indian Wisdom.

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Chapter :

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