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Who Was Responsible For Partition
By Sanjeev Nayyar, September 11 2009 []

Chapter :

Surely there are many events prior to and after 1941 that accentuated the Hindu Muslim divide which eventually resulted in Partition. It is not possible to cover all of them in this article. A summary of the points made above are:

•  It is a myth that Nehru, Jinnah or Patel were responsible for Partition. They were actually implementing
    the partition plan that was scripted in the 19th century.
•  The Hindus were apprehensive that the Muslims wanted to rule India again. The Muslims feared that under the
    principal of one man one vote, it would be a government for and by the Hindus.
•  Separate electorates for Muslims, reservations, caste and religion based divisions are some of the tactics used by
    the British to divide India.
•  The Muslims realized that by virtue of having a larger population, the Hindus would have a larger say in the
    Government. Hence they insisted on equality, parity with Hindus. To this day Pakistan wants to have parity with
    India on all key matters, size of population and economy notwithstanding.

I sincerely wish that Indians read, understand the underlying thoughts behind Partition and correlate them with contemporary issues concerning India and Pakistan, Hindus and Muslims.

A back to back reading of Dr B R Ambedkar’s book ‘Thoughts on Pakistan’ is a necessity to achieve this objective.

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Chapter :

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  1. Comment By - RENGANATHAN IYENGAR Date - 01 Aug 2015 Time - 12:39AM
  2. What a great and thoughtful article. The whole subject needs seven volumes but justice is done to the subject of partition in the seven chapters by Sanjeev Nayyar. I also read that it was the Muslim Rulers in Delhi who invited the Christian Brits. The hare brained and illiterate Mughal rulers asked the brits to go into Indian states and annex them on their behalf so that they can make all the hindus as non-kafir`s !. But the Christian brits were more cunning than these hare brained muslim of Delhi. They just started the Hindu-Muslim divide in full measure plus the intro of the `Aryan` theory etc and in the confusion got the entire land of India for at least 100 years in full ! In fact the 1857 mutiny was a successful one for the Hindus especially in the central and south India. It seems the then Maharajas of Indian states like Gwalior & Mysore etc went back to England and asked the Christian Brits to come back and form the Government. It seems they these maharajas gave gold and even man-power to defeat the muslim rulers coming back again thru the mutiny route. Anyway, the brits ill-treated both the Hindus and muslims in equal measure. But by some force from above the muslims are pushed back into the west to Pakistan and they will be eventually retreating back to where they come from - the deserts of Arabistan ! Partition is a good thing that has happened to the Hindus. It was C.Rajagopalachari who said that all the muslims should be pushed back into Pakistan.. If Gandhi and others have heard him probably we would have had a different India today ! Renga Iyengar Chennai

  3. Comment By - Ravi Sheopory Date - 19 Aug 2014 Time - 4:56PM
  4. Beautiful comment by "proudest Hindu Kafir"

  5. Comment By - thudiamplackal thomas Antony Date - 21 Jan 2013 Time - 9:09PM
  6. The present strategy is to increase the share of the population in the indian satate and is very successfully being implemented!Beware!

  7. Comment By - chandrasekharan G Date - 04 Sep 2011 Time - 2:36AM
  8. I am circulating ur link so more can read your thoght provoking article

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