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Who Was Responsible For Partition
By Sanjeev Nayyar, September 11 2009 []

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Surely there are many events prior to and after 1941 that accentuated the Hindu Muslim divide which eventually resulted in Partition. It is not possible to cover all of them in this article. A summary of the points made above are:

•  It is a myth that Nehru, Jinnah or Patel were responsible for Partition. They were actually implementing
    the partition plan that was scripted in the 19th century.
•  The Hindus were apprehensive that the Muslims wanted to rule India again. The Muslims feared that under the
    principal of one man one vote, it would be a government for and by the Hindus.
•  Separate electorates for Muslims, reservations, caste and religion based divisions are some of the tactics used by
    the British to divide India.
•  The Muslims realized that by virtue of having a larger population, the Hindus would have a larger say in the
    Government. Hence they insisted on equality, parity with Hindus. To this day Pakistan wants to have parity with
    India on all key matters, size of population and economy notwithstanding.

I sincerely wish that Indians read, understand the underlying thoughts behind Partition and correlate them with contemporary issues concerning India and Pakistan, Hindus and Muslims.

A back to back reading of Dr B R Ambedkar’s book ‘Thoughts on Pakistan’ is a necessity to achieve this objective.

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Chapter :

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  1. Comment By - Ravi Sheopory Date - 19 Aug 2014 Time - 4:56PM
  2. Beautiful comment by "proudest Hindu Kafir"

  3. Comment By - thudiamplackal thomas Antony Date - 21 Jan 2013 Time - 9:09PM
  4. The present strategy is to increase the share of the population in the indian satate and is very successfully being implemented!Beware!

  5. Comment By - chandrasekharan G Date - 04 Sep 2011 Time - 2:36AM
  6. I am circulating ur link so more can read your thoght provoking article

  7. Comment By - proudest Hindu Kafir Date - 17 Dec 2010 Time - 12:05AM
  8. I see the lazy sleeping hindus sprout the same non sense every time the issue of partition history is brought up.Immediately they say all religions are equal,blah blah.Hindu moslem unity is essential,blah blah.That We need to understand the moslem psyche,blah blah.I have one request to these bone heads.Why don`t they emigrate to pakisthan? They can enjoy the beauty of shared and caring society of moslems.They can declare openly in Lahore that they are Hindus who are ken on fostering a peaceful relation with moslems.If the fellows are alive after that, they will enjoy the biryani! A nation that forgets it`s history is bound to repeat the same mistake. Another partition is not very far off.But this time we hindus are not going meekly to slaughter house!

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