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Sanjeev Nayyar

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  1. Indo Pak wars
  2. Kashmir the Real Story
  3. Military Science in the Vedas
  4. Religious Demography of India
  5. Similiarities between Nehru and Vajpayee
  6. A sorry state of affairs
  7. Best Employers 2007
  8. Conversation between 25 and 40 years old
  9. Don`t regulate broadcasters
  10. High tax breaks, high gross revenue projections
  11. How can Corporates cope with the downturn
  12. How can India achieve 10% GDP growth
  13. Increase oil prices or sell PSU`s
  14. It is time BMC got a bit creative
  15. Killing with kindness-Cotton procurement
  16. New rules for the game
  17. Pay your farmers, not OPEC
  18. Satellite TV should beam in the manufacturing model
  19. Time to revisit NELP
  20. Uplinking for transparency
  21. What ails cotton industry in Maharashtra
  22. When revenues pinch the purse
  23. Life of Sardar Patel
  24. Shivaji Maharaj
  25. Traditions of Himalayan Masters
  26. Life of Chanakya
  27. Life and Mission of Dr Ambedkar
  28. Life story of Veer Savarkar
  29. Thoughts on Pakistan by Dr Ambedkar
  30. Swami Vivekananda in Punjab
  31. Life and Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda
  32. Aligarh Movement
  33. Basavanna & Vir Shaivism Lingayat Movement
  34. History of Jammu and Kashmir
  35. Khilafat Movement
  36. Maratha Supremacy in the 18th century
  37. Teachings of Arya Samaj
  38. The Pagan Arab pantheon
  39. The Story of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial
  40. Wahabhi Movement and Muhammad Iqbal
  41. History of Assamese
  42. History of Bengali
  43. History of Hindi
  44. History of Malayalam
  45. History of Punjabi
  46. History of Sanskrit
  47. History of Telegu
  48. History of Urdu
  49. Foundations of Indian Culture
  50. Hindu Calendar 2006
  51. Is Temple visiting a religious act
  52. Questions and Answers Indian Civilization
  53. Religious Development in India
  54. Significance of Religious sysmbols
  55. Who is a Hindu
  56. Arrest of Shankaracharya of Kanchi - Insights
  57. What can today`s Enterpreneurs learn from India`s past
  58. Decolonising the Indian Mind
  59. Definition of Secularism
  60. How the British created the dowry system in Punjab
  61. Knowing India
  62. Why did the Portuguese want to discover India
  63. Why did the Ramakrishna Mission say they are not Hindus
  64. Why has Asceticism led to the weakening of Bharat
  65. Why India is a poor country
  66. Are Hinduism and Sikhism different Religions
  67. Why was Gandhi killed (full)
  68. Why was Gandhi killed (short)
  69. Why was the first son made a Sikh
  70. Gospels of Mahavir
  71. Handling a Sabbatical
  72. How you drive is a reflection of your personality
  73. Life`s Learnings
  74. Analysis of Foreign Funding into India 2002 to 2007
  76. Quotes - Foreword
  77. The Holy Gita is a guide to one`s life
  78. What is Love
  79. Atheism & Theism in Indian thought
  80. Book of Wisdom - Isha Upanishad
  81. Characteristics of Chinese philosophy
  82. Characteristics of Indian philosophy
  83. Characteristics of Western philosophy
  84. Comparative philosophy
  85. Extracts from the Holy Vedas
  86. FAQ Karma & Reincarnation
  87. Perennial Psychology of the Bhagwad Geeta
  88. Ramana Maharishi answers 63 questions
  89. Six Systems of Indian Philosophy
  90. Tantra Unveiled
  91. Why did Buddhism vanish from India
  92. Are Jains a minority
  93. Exclude Creamy Layer from reservations for OBC`s
  94. Kanchi Sankaracharya case transferred to Pondicherry
  95. Ninth Schedule laws open to scrutiny
  96. No State Quotas in institutions
  97. Noise pollution, restrictions on use of Loudpspeakers
  98. SC quashed UPA Govt notification on Illegal Migrants
  99. Slaughter of Bulls or Bullocks in Gujarat
  100. Supreme Court asks Government to pay Imam salaries
  101. Supreme Court repeals IMDT Act, Assam
  102. Punjab - A lethal combination of religion and politics
  103. Freduian twists to Hindu myths
  104. Gandhi, Ahimsa and Christianity
  105. Insights into 1993 riots/bomb blasts
  106. Making lives less ordinary - Who is a Minority
  107. Did Gandhi`s Ahimsa get India freedom
  108. Om Shanthi Om - subtle messages by Shahrukh Khan
  109. Receipt of Foreign Contributions 2005-06-Home Ministry Report
  110. When caste was not a bad word
  111. Why must temple collections be controlled by the Indian Government
  112. China Korea Japan
  113. Historic India & the Western world
  114. Historical Ties India and Indonesia
  115. India`s contribution to China & Arab world
  116. India`s relationship with South East Asia
  117. Sri Lanka, South East Asia
  118. Samskaras Origin and Significance
  119. UPA Govt - governing with a 20th century mindset
  120. Action Plan for new Indian Government
  121. Indigeneous Education in the 18th century
  122. Rediscovering India by Dharampal
  123. Diwali
  124. Ganesh Chaturthi
  125. Guru Purnima
  126. Janmashtami
  127. Mahagam festival in Kumbakonam
  128. Makar Sakaranti
  129. Navaratri
  130. Onam
  131. Ram Navami
  132. Shivratri
  133. Indo Chinese war of 1962
  134. The Status of Women in India
  135. Nos of Indians killed in Terror Attacks
  136. Why BJP lost Elections 2009
  137. India`s love affair with Pakistan
  138. Will Pakistan ever let India live in peace
  139. Why the Thackeray brothers must unite
  140. 8 ways India can hurt Pakistani economy
  141. Who was responsible for Partition
  142. Blasts/Riots in Maharahstra 1993 to 2009
  143. How can Air India be revived
  144. Do foreign contributions to India impact national Security FCRA Report 2007-2008
  145. What if India became the world`s 3rd largest economy
  146. What must Ratan Tata`s successor be like
  147. How to create Indian Huaweis and ZTEs
  148. Radia tapes- What must the House of Tatas do now
  149. Would the construction of a Ram Mandir satisfy Hindus
  150. Support children of Arunachal Pradesh, Tribals and Mumbai
  151. Demystifying Tantra, The Tantras- An Overview
  152. How Rajnikant bridged the North South divide with Robot
  153. PM requests Dhoni to lose semi- final, For a safer Sub Continent
  154. Management Lessons from Dhoni for UPA
  155. Foreign funds to NGOs- Why better scrutiny is needed FCRA Report 2008-09
  156. L K Advani could be PM post 2G scam
  157. How many Indians lost their lives due to terror attacks
  158. Bodh Gaya and the Buddhist world
  159. How many Indians died during the Khalistani Movement
  160. Why Raj, Uddhav Thackeray have to bury the hatchet
  161. Travel to Kumaon
  162. Pak is a needless distraction- China is the real enemy
  163. Chhattisgarh-`A state continuously striving to do better`
  164. Nos of Indians killed in Bomb Blasts 1993 to 6-3-2013
  165. Making children of Arunachal Pradesh bond with India
  166. Rejuvenating yourself with Yoga or Ayurveda
  167. 9/11, Ground Zero mosque, Babri and their symbolism
  168. What India MUST do to reduce Corruption
  169. Not just Modi-Guide to communal riots before 2002 and after
  170. India needs an integrated policy to deal with China - breaks it into 17 steps
  171. Why `secularism` is not an Indian concept
  172. Why India must remember Sardar Patel
  173. 20 kitchens like this feed 12 lakh children daily
  174. Foreign Funding of Indian NGOs
  175. NAC`s idea of Minorities is irrelevant and - dangerous
  176. Demystifying Caste
  177. How Modi should ensure India sees `acche din`
  178. Of Hindu, Hindustan, Hindi
  179. Travel to Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer
  180. Hindu-Muslim marriages are a fact of life
  181. Daan Utsav or The Joy of Giving
  182. UPA`s misdeeds in aviation sector
  183. Jammu - A Road less Travelled
  184. Why Osama`s death is bad news for India
  185. How many died in the Kashmiri Terrorist Movement
  186. Rethinking caste-Why we can`t be so one-dimensional
  187. Make in India makes sense, Dr Rajan - countries cannot be run by economic theory alone
  188. Conversions, Missing the Wood for the Trees
  189. What happened to the Rs 94k crs that Indian NGOs received in 17 yrs
  190. Kedarnath-Wrath of the Devas
  191. Distinctive Features of Indian Religious Thought
  192. Why Modi-Jinping talks should also focus on CoK - China-occupied Kashmir
  193. Travel to Jammu, Poonch and Kishtwar
  194. AFSPA removal - Why Tripura and J and K are very different
  195. Travel to Tripura
  196. Why celebrating International Yoga Day is important for India
  197. Jingoistic and Talkative India
  198. Ideas To Help India Realize Its Solar Power Potential
  199. The battle between secular India and Bharat
  200. Showcasing North-East India through Music and Dance
  201. Undermining RBI governor will have negative consequences
  202. 8 reasons why Kasab was hanged
  203. Different parts of India contributed to its Religious Life
  204. Travel to Arunachal Pradesh
  205. Everything you wanted to know about the Jammu & Kashmir Problem
  206. The Kashmir Conundrum is like Abhimanyu`s Chakravyuh
  207. Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya
  208. Understanding the link between 1992-93 riots and the 1993 Mumbai blasts
  209. India only home for Followers of Dharma
  210. Making Sense Of Jammu & Kashmir Census 2011 Numbers
  211. The Truth about Cow Slaughter in India
  212. Can the judiciary also reflect please
  213. I wish Raghuram Rajan had spoken about his experiences in his IIT-Delhi speech
  214. Why did the Congress Government celebrate Tipu Jayanti
  215. Ten Things Hindus Expect from Modi Sarkar in 2016
  216. Contribute to Indian Army Welfare Fund
  217. Where are the women judges in India`s courtrooms
  218. Visit to Shanti Ashrama California
  219. The Lalit Modi-Sushma-Raje Saga - Lessons for the BJP
  220. Why I am fida about Baba Ramdev`s products
  221. Delhi High Court order on Kanhaiya Kumar Bail
  222. Ten behavioural traits India must change to successfully counter Pakistan
  223. The incredible women of Bharat
  224. Why SC Judges Need To Make Better Disclosures Of Their Assets
  225. How must India respond to Geopolitical Challenges
  226. Plebiscite in Kashmir - Is Jyotiraditya Scindia missing the `Crown`
  227. Why is India obsessed with Pakistan and how can it counter China
  228. Panic, chaos, excitement, but India has welcomed Modi`s demonetisation drive
  229. Can we expect some accountability from the honourable Supreme Court
  230. How should India handle a defiant Pakistan
  231. How California Gurudwaras have cemented Hindu Sikh divide created by the British
  232. Guide to visiting Navagraha Temples from Kumbakonam
  233. Is it time to divide Jammu and Kashmir into three
  234. The Indian Army Museum Leh needs to go global
  235. Should the Indian Army be running schools in Jammu and Kashmir
  236. How The British Sowed The Seeds For Khalistani Movement Before Indians Took Over
  237. How the British divided Punjab into Hindu and Sikh
  238. How are `minorities` allowed tax benefits under HUF
  239. What were the events that lead to Operation Blue Star
  240. How the Khalistan Movement was defeated in Punjab
  241. List of institutions in India where you can learn Yoga
  242. What India can learn from Vidya Balan
  243. Mumbai needs a network of ferry services more than just a Metro 3
  244. What stops me from loving Pakistan
  245. Kashmiri Shops in Tourists Spots - Is there More than What Meets the Eye
  246. How People of India can tell the Indian Army WE CARE
  247. Decoding Cyrus Mistrys 19 December Statement - A Battle To Inherit The Tata Empire
  248. Manipur - Here`s how a BJP-led government can transform the state
  249. How must India deal with Kashmir and Pakistan now
  250. Spiti Valley - A Hidden Paradise in Himachal Pradesh
  251. Taxing agricultural income selectively is an idea whose time has come
  252. Dalhousie, Mcleodganj, Spiti and Sangla
  253. Kashi and Prayag Yatra
  254. Char Dham Teerth - A Seeker`s Journey through the Himalayas and More
  255. Jaipur City & Forts
  256. Travel to Khajuraho
  257. How should India respond to OBOR
  258. Travel to Udaipur, Chittorgarh & Mount Abu
  259. Vrindavan Yatra
  260. India needs an online market place in the informal services sector
  261. Story of successful Sikh Farmers in Yuba City
  262. Why India must have no place for religious minority
  263. Was Indian Society always as DIVIDED as it is today
  264. Why Pakistan should be declared a Terrorist State
  265. Travel to Gwalior, Jhansi and Orchha
  266. Sangai Festival showcases Manipur
  267. Domestic tourism may well be blessed by mangal and brihaspati this year
  268. Where Chinese media get India wrong
  269. What India should learn from the Manipur ambush
  270. Azaan is increasing the communal gap
  271. Are Babus Underpaid. Probably Not. Time To Look At Cost-To-Government And Not Just Salary Levels
  272. Train to Tawang- Build roads first
  273. Turning around the Economy is time consuming like effect of Ayurvedic / Yoga treatment
  274. Understanding the Muslim mind through Dr Ambedkar
  275. Why Amma`s canteen must be replicated nationwide
  276. How India should deal with Pakistan
  277. Why we shouldn`t ban elephants in Kerala temples
  278. Why and how are West Pakistan Refugees suffering and what is way Forward