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Philosophy and Spirituality

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  1. Unity between Sanatan and Sikh Dharma
  2. Religion and Spirituality
  3. My Religion - A Scaffolding for my Temple
  4. Zero and Decimal invented to explain the structure of the universe by Yogis
  5. Of Hindu, Hindustan, Hindi
  6. Thoughts arising post Meditation I
  7. Sri Vidya Mantra - Unravelling the Cosmos
  8. Life Essentials from Mahabharata
  9. Discovering Your Sweet Spot
  10. Mahayana and Zen Buddhism
  11. The Ten Great Cosmic Powers (Dasa Mahavidyas)
  12. The Blind Spot of Modern Science
  13. Distinctive Features of Indian Religious Thought
  14. Zentory (Zen story)
  15. Our Nine Incarnations
  17. Are You Nourishing Your Soul
  18. Alaya-vijnana- Storehouse Consciousness
  19. Adhyatma Ramayan part Three
  20. Adhyatma Ramayan part Two
  21. Adhyatma Ramayan Part 1
  22. A 5000 year old Q and A with the Lord of Death
  23. Gautama Buddha points to the weakness of human nature
  24. Is India a Spiritual Disneyland
  25. The Realm of Inner Riches
  26. Puranas- Spirituality of the Masses
  27. Yaksha Prashna- An Encounter between Dharma, the father and Yudhishthira, the son
  28. Adhyatma Ramayana, The Spiritual Version of the Story of Sri Rama
  29. Salvation to the King Elephant- Gajendra Moksha from the Bhagavat Mahapuran
  30. Srimad Bhagavatam- A Comprehensive Blend of Bhakti, Jnana, and Vairagya
  31. A Bird`s Eye View of the Uddhava Gita
  32. How did the popular `Sri Yantra` evolve
  33. Demystifying Tantra, The Tantras- An Overview
  34. Evolution of Tantra
  35. Shad Darshanas- Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy
  36. Ways of Divine Love - Narada`s Aphorisms on Devotion
  37. Vaya Rahasya- the Secret of Vayu
  38. Mahabharata - Yudhishthira and Krishna - Indra & Vishnu on One Chariot
  39. Tantra and its Misconceptions- Reclaiming the Essence from the Illusions
  40. Enlightenment or God Vision
  41. Characteristics of Indian philosophy
  42. The Indian Intellectual tradition
  43. Six Systems of Indian Philosophy
  44. Scriptures of Sanatan Dharma
  45. Tantra Unveiled
  46. Inner Quest by Pandit Rajmani Tugnait
  47. Atheism & Theism in Indian thought
  48. An introduction to Kashmir Shaivism
  49. Tantra and Teachings of Kashmir`s Abhinavgupta
  50. The Challenge of Time
  51. The Pancaratra Agamas- A Brief Study
  52. Introduction to Buddhism
  53. Philosophy in the 21st century
  54. Characteristics of Western philosophy
  55. Characteristics of Chinese philosophy
  56. Comparative philosophy