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Media - Audio

  1. Sanjeev was interviewed on the show 'Ask Chanakya' that was broadcast on Worldspace Satellite Radio's Moksha channel no 602. In a freewheeling conversation with Radhakrishna Chanakya Pillai (45 minutes) he spoke about how -

  2. Introduction to Sanjeev. How did his interest in Indian culture start.
    [duration - 8:01 mins]
  3. Talks about site content and purpose of photo gallery.
    [duration - 8:00 mins]
  4. Why was esamskriti created and how photo gallery could contribute to tourism?
    [duration - 8:00 mins]
  5. Personal experiences of how Chanakya’s practical ideas were useful to Sanjeev.
    [duration - 7:40 mins]
  6. What advice does Arthashastra have for HR Professionals?
    [duration - 7:25 mins]
  7. What is his message to listeners?
    [duration - 9:25 mins]