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  1. Comment By - SIVA KUMAR Date - 01 Dec 2012 Time - 5:33AM
  2. Nature in its full reality this is the richest country.

  3. Comment By - SIVA KUMAR Date - 01 Dec 2012 Time - 5:30AM
  4. Nature in its reality is the richest one on earth.

  5. Comment By - Ramachander Homma Ramanna Date - 28 Dec 2010 Time - 8:32AM
  6. Breath taking !!! I wonder and admire at the grit of Mr. Amit who has dared to reach those hieghts to get us those wonderful scenes to our drawing rooms. wish you all the best and prey for more of them.

  7. Comment By - vikramjit singh Date - 21 Dec 2010 Time - 8:42PM
  8. Super pics Amit Gurav. Thanks for sharing. Am motivated to travel there.

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