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  1. Comment By - Parthapratim Ray Date - 30 Apr 2011 Time - 11:27PM
  2. Dear Mr nayar,Thank you for taking these wonderful pictures.I understand that a palace of Harihara one of the founders of vjngr empire was situated in anegondi.If u could tell me about it,it wld be great help.archeological survey people at hampi told me that the ruins of that palace was of a recent find.The pic of the round boat and the details are so wonderful.I have only read about them.Anegondi was the seat of the kingdom of Kampilideva where Harihara and Bukka lived before the formation of the Vjngr Empire.Pleas show more photos of Anegondi as and when they are available.Fell happy to see the pictures.Parthapratim Ray

  3. Comment By - deepak madhukar petare Date - 30 Apr 2011 Time - 5:40AM
  4. very nice album

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