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  1. Comment By - seema burman Date - 28 Feb 2014 Time - 2:04AM
  2. I have just returned from Baba Baidyanath. I convinced my friends and eight of us went there but sorry to say but what a contrast between Hindu (Baidyanath)and Buddhist temples (Bodhgaya). Priests at Baidyanath fought for money, snatched whatever we offered, screamed at top of their voices for gifts that we had brought, the temple was dirty, the jyotirlinga was not even decorated, there was so much of pushing by pundits for money that people were falling on the jyotirlinga, the temple was full of mud, the idols surrounding Baidyanath were full of dirt. And instead of removing our own defects we cry that people shld respect Hinduism. No sensible person can respect such a temple, all of us were literally in tears at the pitiable condition of temples. The Govt shld forcibly take all temples under itself. If any one will see Baidyanath they will never ever visit any Hindu temple.

  3. Comment By - MANOJ SAHOO Date - 09 Sep 2012 Time - 11:15PM
  4. BABA NAGARI KA ROUNAK Somthing special from others.

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