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  1. Comment By - SIVA KUMAR Date - 01 Dec 2012 Time - 5:36AM
  2. Anode of GOD.Where the mind is just open.

  3. Comment By - Uma Banerjee Date - 28 Aug 2012 Time - 3:23AM
  4. Liked them.Wish to be there.

  5. Comment By - Sri Ma Amodini Saraswati Date - 20 Aug 2012 Time - 7:24AM
  6. "Beautiful images of the rain-washed terrain of the great heights of Bhutan. The mountain pictures are breath-taking, a beautiful play of light and shade and mists, as though they were waiting to reveal themselves before the camera. The aerial shots from different angles are quite amazing in clarity and composition. I felt I could almost walk into the glaciers. Also, the bridge on the river, the Assembly, in fact look as though they are extensions of a big Monastery! A timeless yet modern dimension. Thank you for sharing these pictures; they inspire to go visit soon this part of the Himalayas. A serene land, Bhutan, as it comes across here, deeply imbued with spirituality! Gowrishankar, I understand, is the Indian name for the Everest, while the Nepali name is Sagarmatha!

  7. Comment By - Gautam Sen Date - 19 Aug 2012 Time - 12:02AM
  8. Fantastic capture of colours and photographic depth, captivating subject-matter apart!

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