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  1. Comment By - sanjeev nayyar Date - 26 May 2012 Time - 10:06PM
  2. thks for yr kind words Shobi. Please spread the word. Photo captions are in a travelogue format, contains all the info for devotees and travellers.

  3. Comment By - shobi veleri Date - 26 May 2012 Time - 9:46AM
  4. Awesome images! Sanjeev please try to write a travelogue for places like this to enhance the visibility and access for info. Great job... keep it up and enjoy your journey Cheers...Shobi

  5. Comment By - natarajan narayanaswami Date - 18 Mar 2012 Time - 7:58AM
  6. The photos and the explanatory comments are most enjoyable. Natarajan. Keep them coming! We are blessed to belong to this punyabhoomi.

  7. Comment By - vinita agrawal Date - 16 Mar 2012 Time - 4:15AM
  8. Excellent Photos! This is time travel: because it virtually transported me to this holy site. Kudos Sanjeev!

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