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  1. Comment By - shishir kumar chandan Date - 14 Mar 2013 Time - 7:14PM
  2. i want to visit this type of wonderful temples

  3. Comment By - chandra kala Date - 14 Sep 2011 Time - 11:17PM
  4. awesome thanks for giving me the opportunity to see these pictures. I am a fourth generation Indian in Fiji. I have never visited India.Hope I will one day.We are still very strong in our culture and religion. You guys are so lucky to be born in India the Land where our Gods have treaded.We would love to touch the soil of our mother land. Jai Hind.Namaste.

  5. Comment By - chandra kala Date - 14 Sep 2011 Time - 11:09PM
  6. awesome thanks to give us an opportunity to see these temples. i am a Fiji-Indian and have never been to india.I love all the pictures. would love to visit India one day if God wishes. We are fourth generation Indians here but haven`t lost our culture and religion, Thanks

  7. Comment By - sandeep kundra Date - 27 Sep 2010 Time - 8:01AM
  8. hi i want make a tempel in my house will you pls guide me.

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