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  1. Comment By - Shamsul Islam Shamim Date - 02 Apr 2016 Time - 5:10AM
  2. Oh Manipur, I miss you too much! I fell my grandpa`s father & also feel Manipur & Manipuri people. because my grandpa & her generations was Manipuri. At a riot time they are cross border & settle in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Now we are Bangladeshi but my roots is Manipur, Assam. So I love Manipur. Anybody here, Please contact me via [email protected] or facebook `Shamsul Islam Shamim`

  3. Comment By - Ramachander Homma Ramanna Date - 15 Dec 2010 Time - 5:37AM
  4. For people who cannot go to the temple from the south,this is aDevi`s sent oppurtunity to have Darshan of HER RIGHT IN OUR HOMES.

  5. Comment By - vikramjit singh Date - 09 Oct 2010 Time - 8:39AM
  6. Nisha both are the same.

  7. Comment By - nisha saggar Date - 09 Oct 2010 Time - 3:22AM
  8. is kamakhya and kamakshi temples are same.

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