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  1. Comment By - Dr Satya Pal Bindra Date - 22 Nov 2015 Time - 12:55AM
  2. Nankana Sahib is a historic birth place of Great Sikh Guru of all times. UNCSD Rio+20 Future We Want would like it to be declared as a Nankana Sahib one city country state like Vatican in Rome, Italy.

  3. Comment By - Dr Satya Pal Bindra Date - 05 Nov 2014 Time - 9:20AM
  4. Nankana Sahib monument & its surroundings are a heritage of mankind. It needs to be better preserved, conserved, protected, beautified, enhanced & rehabilitated.

  5. Comment By - madhu wadh Date - 22 Sep 2011 Time - 7:15PM
  6. Other imp Gurudwaras are the Poanta Sahib on border of utranchal

  7. Comment By - chintamani shripad datar Date - 01 Nov 2009 Time - 9:39PM
  8. Thanks

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