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  1. Comment By - shivaramg Thrissur Date - 01 Jun 2014 Time - 8:56PM
  2. In the picture titled `Aaraattu Kadavu` this explanation will enhabce it. In Kerala temples the annual festival starts with Flag hoisting (Kodiyeettam) an the last day is Aaraattu which mean dipping in the river (Aaru)(or temple tank if no river flows by) Kadavu means - a divided ghat always seperate for men and women and in temple tanks one special for the deity and the priests.

  3. Comment By - Dr Satya Pal Bindra Date - 30 May 2014 Time - 9:27AM
  4. India was and still is an acknowledged spiritual leader of the world. World needs to connect with India for learning from Indian age old capacity on self realization and inner potential. This alone will bring much needed global regional, national and local peace, progress, prosperity in harmony with nature, laughter & love.

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