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Here are a few examples of how Travel Advisor can help
  1. Are you looking to go for a holiday in India but do not know where to go.
  2. We will make available a personalized day-by-day itinerary taking into account your interests.
  3. We will suggest lesser known destinations that gave you a taste of the real India.
  1. I am coming from London and have 15 days in India. What should I see?
  2. Fly from London to Delhi. Spend two days in Delhi.

  3. Day three do a day trip to Agra in the train Shatabdhi Express.

  4. Day four go from Agra to Jhansi by train (2 hours) and visit Orchha.

  5. Day five spend in Orchha.

  6. Day six drive to Khajuraho and see temples there.

  7. Day seven fly back to Delhi and stay there.

  8. If you are not interested in wildlife but in spiritual India then skip Ranthambore and travel to Rishikesh instead. We will customize the holiday based on your interests.

  1. I am based in Mumbai. Want to travel to Udaipur and around in the state of Rajasthan. Have six days.
  2. Day one take train from Mumbai to Falna departure 3pm.

  3. Day two reach Falna at 7am. Hire a taxi and see Ranakpur and Haldighati. Night at Udaipur.

  4. Day three – see Chittorgarh by day and Udaipur by evening.

  5. Day four – see Udaipur.

  6. Day five – leave for Eknathji, Devigarh and Shreenathji.

  7. Day six – See Kumbalgarh Fort and return to Udaipur by evening.

  1. I want to go Skiing. We recommend you go to Auli in Uttarakhand.
  2. Day one leave Delhi for Rishikesh.

  3. Day two leave Rishikesh for Joshimatt/Auli.

  4. Day three to day 9 skiing course at Auli organized by the Garwhal Mandal Vikas Nigam.

  5. Day ten leave Joshimatt for Rishikesh.

  6. Day eleven leave Rishikesh for Delhi.

  1. I am based in Delhi & want to go to Spiti Valley/Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh.
  2. Day one bus from Delhi to Manali or fly from Delhi to Kulu.

  3. Day two and three spend in Manali.

  4. Day four take an early morning bus to Spiti. Reaches Kaza at 5pm.

  5. Day five and six spend in Kaza.

  6. Day six take a late afternoon bus to Tabo.

  7. Day seven morning take early morning bus to Kalpa.

  8. Day eight go for a day trip to Sangla Valley.

  9. Day nine spend morning in Kalpa. Take afternoon bus to Chandigarh.

  10. Reach Chandigarh day ten morning, leave for Delhi by bus.

  1. I am based in Chennai and want to see temples of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Day one in Chennai.

  3. Day two leave for Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry.

  4. Day three visit Chidambaram and Kumkakonam.

  5. Day four visit Thanjavur.

  6. Day five travel to Madurai.

  7. Day six spend in Madurai and leave for Rameshwaram.

  8. Day seven spend in Rameshwaram.

  9. Day eight return to Madurai and fly back to Chennai.

  1. To read experiences of Fellow Travelers visit the-
  2. Photo Gallery section Click here.

  3. The Travelogue section Click here

  4. The photo gallery section is arranged by States of India and Category. If you know which state you like to visit then click on State. If you have specific interests then see pictures by Categories. There are 15 of them for e.g. wildlife, temples, forts, palaces, the Himalayas, Adventure, Holy cities, Garment making. Travelogues are arranged by State and place.

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