Art Gallery Mandu

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2018

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1. U see Sleeping Vishnu in Chappan Mahal. Old sculptures found in two places in Mandu. One is a museum run by the Archaeological Survey of India next to Jahaz Mahal. Another is in Chappan Mahal some seven minutes way. In centre of plot is building, around it are sculptures places as you in pic. Many are damaged.

2. First is the A Survey museum in Jahaz Mahel complex. The museum is on the ground floor of Taveli Mahal. U see ANGA Shikhara 12th century A.D. Mandu.

3. U see Hanuman 12th century Mandu. It is a small museum – well maintained and clean.

4. PARIKARA 12th century Mandu.

5. 2 storey structure at end of pic is Taveli Mahal. Ground floor is the museum. Visited in July 2018. In the monsoons Mandu is lovely. Was there for two days, so cloudy – foggy and rain. Gardens are lush green.

6. Daring couples 12th century Mandu. Mandu is at an altitude of 633 meters, it is separated from the Malwa Plateau by the ‘Kakra Khoh’ Ravine.

7. SESAYEE Vishnu 12th century Mandu.

8. BRAHAMANI 11th century Mandu.

9. Please help with caption. Thanks.

10. View of Chappan Mahal. U can see sculptures placed all around. “In view of Vikrami-era fifty-six (Chappan in Hindi) it is called Chappan Mahal.” “The building is a happy blending of the Hindu love for decoration & the simplicity of the Muslim conception of building.”

11. This is an open air gallery. As you can see fields behind. “On the walls of the building are seen beautiful brackets and mouldings in Hindu style to support the chajjas above.”

12. This looks like Shiva. The building is now the private property of the Maharaja of Dhar.

13. Help with caption. Mahal was constructed in 16th century.

14. Looks like Shiva Parvati with mythological animal also.

15. Jain Tirthankara.

16. Dancer 13th century Budhi Mandu Dhar. ‘In the extreme western end of Mandu plateau, are ruins of earlier fortifications locally known as Budhi Mandu (earlier Mandu). Ruins are in dense forest. Inside is a large lake & ruins of a large group of temples of which 5 are seen much bigger in dimensions”. Sculptures include Ganesha, Durga and forms of Saiva.

17. Inside the mahal has sculptures too. This looks like Buddha. I was told from Lohani caves were found app 80 sculptures now kept in the local museum in the Dharamshala attached to Hoshang’s tomb.

18. Surya Devata identified by 7 horses. One gets the distinct feeling that Mandu had many temples and was an important place for Hindus & Jains. What we today is a manifestation of what existed earlier. For a good guide call Rajesh Patel 91 97541 72279.

19. Parvati 16th century. In case of errors in captions revert. Really wish the local government and tourist department encouraged more tourists to visit Chappan Mahal. A board outside mahal giving history would help.

20. Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu. To see pics of Mandu in the Rains

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