Teli Ka Mandir, Gwalior Fort

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2020

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1. This temple fascinated me for its sheer size and design. Built in the 9th century during the reign of King Mihira of the Pratihara dynasty. Height about 30 metres. Front portion ie plane is restoration of damaged portion.

2. Temple has a Garbhagriha ie sanctum for the deity and a Wagon-vaulted roof ie South Indian in style and rarely found in North India. Exterior walls richly decorated with sculptures. Temple shows amalgamation of North & South Indian architectural features.

3. Suraj Kund close to temple. According to local tradition king Suraj Sen, was out hunting on Gopalchala hill. Thirsty he wanted water. Whilst wandering he met Rishi Gwalipa who helped with water. On drinking water king was cured of leprosy. To this date locals come for a dip in the kund to get cured of skin diseases.

4. Temple walls have miniature temples on all sides, you see front side. Well maintained garden that also has certain sculptures on display.

5. Decorated entrance, centre is Ganesha, on each side of entrance panel are sculptures. Lower panel has small sculptures. Visualise the magnitude of temple size and how the stones are laid to build temple.

6. Note miniature temple design on both sides. White portion on top is roof vault.

7. Miniature temple. Note sculptured panel along entrance. There must be a deity at some point, not there today.

8. Evening side view. I went evening (this pic) and 10 am ish.

9. View of temple from Scindia Boys School ground. White portion on top is roof-vault ie South Indian style.

10. Side view to the top, miniature temple on 3 sides. Centre has a panel, it has place for a deity.

11. Close up evening view. Note the minute work, amazing.

12. Side panel, bottom sculptures help with captions. Above this small sculptures are man and woman.

13. Side panel, bottom sculptures help with captions. Above this is Kalash on left and right sculpture is man and a woman in a different pose.

14. Lower panels small sculptures. Right is three headed, next looks like man with a snake in hand. Extreme left seems like man with a mace.

15. Vertical view to give you a sense of work involved and height. Temple total height app 30 metres.

16. Note the intricate design.

17. Top part, note the design-work-intricacy and roof-vault. Centre has a deity murti which is now partly damaged. Lovely temple. If we had a guide would have made it more enjoyable.

18. One of many niches that, had a deity earlier, but is now empty. Lower portion notice the kalash design and decoration above. Loved this temple. The Saas-Bahu mandir is amazing too.

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