BULL RACE Konkan, Maharashtra

By Sudhir Nazare | 2022

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1. Competition of Nangrani bulls in Konkan is a farmer`s favorite game. It is not a man`s job to run the bulls at the speed of wind in mud in the field. Sudhir Nazare has an art of running bulls in mud while following them.

2. What joy to watch and take part.

3. Action.

4. Wow. Better than any hero and natural. Look at eyes of right bull.

5. Lovely colours and action.

6. How was this clicked. Super.

7. Villagers enjoying, so green. Guy is all pumped up.

8. Grand finale. Aabhar to Sudhir for sharing these pics with esamskriti. Do check out his other albums, one better than the other.

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