Mumbai Ganpati Immersion Girgaon Chowpatty

By Sudhir Nazare | 2022

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1. Ganapti is celebrated over 10 days. On the last day known as Ananth Chaturdashi the murti is taken in a procession amidst beating of drums and sprinkling of gulal. In Mumbai the murthi is mostly immersed in the Sea. See lady on right so happy. The place to go for a real experience is Chowpatty, famous for Bhelpuri and Kulfi. Pranams Ganeshji.

2. Sudhir Bhau shared some lovely pictures, made one feel one was there. With smartphones most have become photographers and shoot video too, amazing revolution.

3. Overview of crowds at Chowpatty. Police have a tough job, hats off to them. Last year Sudhir shared wow pics of celebrations in Pune. See

4. Observe how Ganeshji being taken into the waters. Since murthi big have to use technology. We must thank Bal Gangadhar Tilak for starting the Ganesh festival. It brings the city of Mumbai together like no other festival.

5. Ropes tied to murthi. Devotees pulling into water. Loved this pic.

6. Creative work. Feel the energy. UNESCO has included Durga Puja Kolkata in its Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List. Can Mumbai’s Ganpati celebrations also be included? Hope governments will start the process.

7. Enjoy.

8. The Indian Navy helicopter keeps an eye from top.

9. Tilting the base.

10. Ganeshji put on a boat. Many devotees wore life-jackets.

11. Taking Ganeshji inside the sea.

12. Sudhir Bhau clicking. eSamskriti is extremely grateful to him for allowing us to share his work.

13. A young boy walks into the water.

14. Observe the gentle smile and happiness on boy’s face. To see pics of Ganesha looks in different countries

15. “Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudhachya Varshi Lavkar Ya". Pranams Ganpati. Come soon next year. To see Ganesha temples in Indonesia

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