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The pictures that you see is of the First Airforce Expedition to Mount Everest (8848 mtrs) from the Tibet side. You see Wg Cdr Ramesh Tripathi on top of the Everest on 30th May 2005. Ramesh is a mountaineer, air force pilot and para jump instructor.

Landscape pictures. Everest is hidden by the clouds. While writing these narrations my mind goes back to Mount Everest flight that we took from Kathmandu in 1998.

Another view of our camp close to the Everest. There are a total of sixty pictures of which first 50 pertain to Everest climb, the balance are of Tibet.

You get a clearer view of the Everest in the centre of the picture.

To your left is Rongbuk monastery ie the highest monastery in the world at 17,400 feet. The Everest base camp is located here.

Used Vaks to carry our luggage.

You see us at the one of camps. Big and small tents with snow all around.

Air force colleagues putting their heads out of the tent.

Air force colleagues in discussion.

Inside the tent, a great feeling of comradrie amongst fellow climbers.

Another picture of the group. I see so many coke cans. Hope they are disposed off in a manner that does not damage the enviornment.

Having dinner while inside our sleeping bags. It was very cold.

A view of the Everest.

Everest at dawn. You can see the early morning rays falling on the everest.

Way up the east ridge.

A close up of Wing Commander Ramesh Tripathi somewhere close to camp 1.

Tents at North Col 7000 metres.

Ramesh at North Col. Snow snow all around.

Climbers approaching from North Col to camp 1 app 7000 metres.

Camping close to camp 2.

Camp 2 (7500 metres) with Changse peak behind.

Changse peak.

Snow clad mountains close to camp 2.

Ice wall before the North Col.

Step 1& 2 enroute summit.

Famous ladder at step .

Enroute summit.

Summit climb by night.

Final summit climb.

Final summit pyramid. Can u see the 3 people climbing towards the summit.

Nearing the top of the world.

Everest top at the backdrop.

Close to the top of the world.

Summit of Everest from north side.

West Rongbuk glacier.

Rakesh and Sherpa close to the top.

Summit camp visible from the top.

IAF flag on the Everest.

Ramesh on way down after the summit.

With colleagues who did the expedition with me. To know more about Everest expedition http://www.summitclimb.com/everesttibet.htm

A smiling Ramesh in the backdrop of the Himalayas.

Another view of Ramesh on the trip. The land in Tibet is pretty much barren as you can see.

A beaming Tibetan woman.

Various facets of the base camp.

IAF Team at base camp 1 (Everest in the background).

A group photo of the IAF team.

Another group photo.

In fond memory of Sqn Leader S S Chaitanya. Last seen at 8,650 metres 30/5/2005.

In memory of George Leigh-Mallory and Andrew Irvine of British Mt Everest expedition 1924.

Dead body of Marko from Slovania.

Inside Jokthang Temple.

Ramesh in the heart of Lhasa.

Another view of Lhasa.

Ramesh with Potala Palace in the background.

Potala Palace was the chief residence of the Dalai Lama till the 14th century.

Local Tibetan.

Ramesh trying out some Tibetan jewellery.

Tibet consists of baren land like what u see.

Ramesh and colleague outside the Qomolongma National Nature Preserve.

Ramesh checks out the temperature in his watch. Please thank and bless Ramesh Tripathi for sharing his pictures with the eSamskriti world.

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