Bikaner City

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2013

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We present the Bikaner photo collection in different parts. 1 is Junagarh Fort, 2 is Prachina Museum, 3 is Lallgarh Palace, 4th is Karni Mata Mandir n 5th is Bikaner City. This includes visit to Royal Cenotaps, National Research Centre on Camels and Jain Mandir. U see overview of Royal Cenotaps at Devi Kund is about 8 kms away from the city.

Board that gives info about the cremation ground of the Royal Bikaner Family. Rao Bikaji (1465-1504) founded the state of Bikaner in the middle of Thar Desert in Vikram Samvat 1545 (1488) with the blessings of Karni Mata.

Inside Chhattri is structure like what you see. It has King on horse. Below that ladies with folded hands indicates the number of wives the king had.

It is quite a huge area with large number of chhattris. This view is from the rear side. There is a largish pond there which has dried up now.

This is another piece of marble inside a Chhattri that gives details of king etc. Below king ladies with folded hands indicate number of wives in this case 10. As a normal tourist if u have seen one chhattri you have seen all. Must tell you that chhattris that I saw in Jaipur and Bundi had excellent carvings work on them. Not seen the Jodhpur n Udaipur ones so cannot say.

This is the Camel Breeding Farm and Research Centre i.e. about 15kms from the city. It was recommended by lots of people so went there. It has a research centre and place where camels stay. Also get camel milk ka tea and ice creams here. U see camels eating grass. Bikaner has lots of Havelis that are worth seeing. In old city havelis of Kotharis, Vaids, Dagas and Rampurias. Am told they are invariably closed because the owners live elsewhere.

Child camel drinking milk from Mother. Human being or camel the rules of nature are the same. Bikaner city is famous for Bhujiya. Go to Kotgate area, number of shops there. Buy in plastic packet because ie fresh, the laminated ones are a few days old. Also have rasgulas, samosas, kachoris lovely. There is a Ganga Govt Museum which has an impressive collection, is in Civil Lines, keep max an hour for that. 50 kms from Bikaner is Kolayatji ie associated with Sant Kapil Muni. To see pics Click here

This one is supposed to be the most beautiful camel in the research centre. In the complex there is also a Museum that gives info about camels. To see lovely pics of Jungarh Fort Click here

Some more camels eating grass. Honestly I do not think it was worth a visit although the place attracts a number of tourists. I''d rather spend more time in Jungarh Fort. To see pics of Durbar Hall and Arms on Display in Junagarh Fort Click here

The Jain Mandir is special because it existed before the town of Bikaner came into being. Unfortunately most people do not know about its existence, took some effort to find the temple. This board gives you all information about the temple. To see pics of Lallgarh Palace Click here

Temple exterior view. It is on top of a small hill i.e. today fully inhabited. Close by is a Mata ka Mandir. To see pics of Prachina and Sadul Museums Click here

Image of Sumtinathji the 5th Jain Tirthankara. To see pics of Karni Mata Mandir Click here

Paintings on wall and ceiling very impressive. There are a couple of mosques close to the temple. Azaan disturbs the peace and tranquility of the temple and its surroundings.

This is a board that gives the story of Dhola and Maru, they are the Laila Majnu of this area. At Bikaner a good homely place to stay is the Rajasthan Tourism Hotel. It is close to Junagarh Fort and Lallgarh Palace.

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