• By Jnana Prabodhini
  • April 2010

Requirements for the marriage ceremony 

1. Kumkum and Turmeric powder (Haladi)
2. Rangoli
3. Incense – Agarbattis
4. Wooden seats (if available) – 8
5. Metal Urns – 2, Metal glasses – 4, Metal bowls (small) – 4,
Metal dishes – 2, Big metal bowl – 1, Spoons – 4
6. Oil lamps for Aarati – 2
7. Garlands – 2
8. Mangalasutra – Necklace with black beads
9. Gold chain or a gift for the bridegroom
10. Grinding stone or any soft square or round flat stone
11. Electricheater or a similar arrangement for a Homa
12. Darbha (dry grass), Samidhas (dry wood) about 25 pieces
If possible, a few pieces of sandle-wood
13. Coconuts – 3
14. A Kalash – copper pitcher filled with water, decorated with
Mango or similar leaves and topped with a coconut.
15. Rice grains (Akshata) mixed with slight Kumkum.
16. Antarpat – The holy piece of cloth to be held between the
Bride and bridegroom before Muhurta.
(Except new-moon day and eclipse, all days are considered auspicious by the Shastras.)
The place of the marriage should be decorated. The sitting arrangement should be as shown in the diagram below. The relatives of the bride and bridegroom are requested to sit quietly at the assigned seats and participate in the ceremony whole-heartedly. They have a role to play in the ceremony.

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