• By Jnana Prabodhini
  • April 2001

Wearing the Sacred Thread Yajnopaveet /  
 Mala (string of beads) / Other symbol

Priest: Through these oblations, we have conveyed our vow to the Agni and the Sun and Prajapati – the creator, or the Ultimate and receive the thread/mala or the desired symbol at the hands of the preceptor.

Parents: O preceptor, please bless this aspirant with the sacred thread.

Preceptor gives Yajnopaveet – Threads- to all the aspirants. After receiving the Thread,

Priest: This sacred thread, cross or talisman received from the sacred fire, is the symbol of the vow you have taken today. Dip it in water in the glass and then stand up facing the east. Hold the thread or symbol with both the thumbs a little away from you at the height of your chest and say—

Priest and the aspirants:-
  (Aspirants bring their hands down)

Priest: the Yajnopaveet is very sacred. It is created by god Prajapati. May this give me strength, and immaculate, radiant and virtuous life.

Priest and the aspirants: (Aspirants now face the priest.)

Priest: Now wear this Yajnopaveet around your neck. When you go home, put it on in such a way that it would come down from the left shoulder to your waist, on right side. Keep it clean. It will remind you of your vow. The knot of the Thread is called the Knot of Brahman, the Truth. Maintain this Thread as long as possible. Even if the external symbol is not there, remember always, in the heart of your heart, the vow you have taken.

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