Understanding Hinduism

  • By Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasden, London
  • April 18, 2005

Universal nature, Care for Animals    

A. Hinduism For The World
Hinduism has a heart as big as the Earth, a global heart. It teaches the World the true philosophy of peace, the lessons of Harmony. In India alone, over 400 different regional cultures, 850 different dialects thrive in unison. For, Hinduism accepts all, and prays for all. Where else would the grand ideal: ‘The Whole World is One Family originate? Hindu ideals and prayers can help change our World for they strive to sustain the whole of creation.

B. Care for Animals
Hinduism strives to preserve all species, not just mankind. One of its main ideals remains: ‘The Whole of creation is filled with the presence of God.”

To see divinity in animals is to respect them. As the crown of creation, man must protect and tend to other animals, not exploit and eat. If man stopped killing animals for fun or food, for products or pleasure, our world would become less violent. A meat-free, animal-friendly world would help restore the peaceful nature of man.

C. Care for Humanity
Hinduism believes: “The Whole World is One Nest.”- Atharva Veda
We are the birds of the same nest,
 We may wear different skins,
We may speak in different tongues,
We may believe in different religious,
We may belong to different cultures,
Yet we share the same home-Our Earth.
Born on the same planet, covered by the same skies,
Gazing at the same stars, breathing the same air,
We must learn to happily progress together or miserably perish together.
For man, can live individually, but can only survive collectively.

D. Care for Nature
The Hindu concept of Peace is not just a state of No-War, not just limited to man, or countries and communities, but extends to Nature, covers the whole of creation.
O Lord!
May there be peace In Heaven and on Earth.
May the Skies, the Waters, the Plants and the Trees be peaceful.
May peace, Real Peace prevail in All.

The Prayer warns man not to disturb nature.
Not to abuse, pollute or destroy our surroundings.
In declaring war with our environment,
We are simply destroying ourselves,
True peace will dawn only when
Man lives in peace with Himself, Nature and God!

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