Why has Asceticism led to the weakening of Bharat

Holy Geeta, Solution 

Although I am not an expert on Vedanta, am sharing a few slokhas from the Holy Geeta and the explanation as enunciated by Swami Chinamayananda.

1.   Chapter 2, slokha 31 “Further, looking at thine own duty thou oughtest not to waver,
      for there is nothing higher for a Kshatriya than a righteous war.

Arjuna’s personal call-of-character (Swadharma) is that of a leader of his generation (Kshatriya) and as such, when his generation is called upon to answer a challenge of an organized un-Aryan force (Adharma), it his duty not to waver but to fight and defend his sacred national culture.

To the leaders of people, there can be nothing nobler than to get a glorious chance to fight for a righteous cause. That a king must fight on such a occasion is vividly brought out in the Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva –72-18 says “The sin that is committed by killing one who does not deserve to be killed is as great as the sin of NOT killing one who deserves to be killed”. It’s like saying that the man who pays a bribe as much in the wrong as the man who accepts one.

2. Chapter 2, slokha 32, “Happy indeed are the Kshatriyas, O Partha, who are called to fight in such a battle, that comes of itself as an open door to heaven.

As used here, Kshtriya is not the name of a caste. It merely indicates a certain quality of the mental vasanas in the individual. Those who have ever-bubbling enthusiasm to defend the weak and poor, besides their own national culture from all threats of aggression are called Kshtriyas. Such leaders of men are not allowed to be tyrants or aggressors according to the code of morality of the Hindus. But, at the same time, a cold, feminine and cowardly non-resistance is not the spirit of the Hindu tradition. In all cases where the Hindu nation is forced to wage a war on the principles of righteousness the leaders of India are ordered to fight in the defense of their culture. Such battle-fields are the wide-open gates to Heaven for the defending heroes who fight diligently on the side of Dharma”.

3. Chapter 2, slokha 33, “But, if you will not fight this righteous war, then, having abandoned your own duty and fame, you shall incur sin”.

4. Chapter 2, slokha 34, “People too will recount your everlasting dishonor, and to one who has been honored, dishonor is more than death”. We are yet to recover from the debacle of the Indo-China War of 1962.

5. Chapter 3, slokha 21, “Whatever a great man does, that other men also do, whatever he sets up as standard, that the world follows.

The moral rejuvenation of a society in any period can take place only because of the example set up by leaders of the nation. The very creed of Krishna is active resistance to evil. His non-violence is not the instinctive incapacity of the day-dreaming coward who cannot stand up against injustice and fight for the accepted principles of national culture”.

So are you suggesting that we follow the Pakistanis, Chinese and become apostles of Violence?
My dear what I am saying is something different. I am all for love, non-violence, peace, compassion. I admire Krishna, Buddha and Mahavir. Having said that I will not accept injustice, allow anyone to destroy my culture, Dharma, peaceful state and above all motherland. Today there exist such nations and people, so to restore Dharma, if it means that I have to kill them, so will I.

Now killing a nation need not be through arms only. There are smarter ways of doing it. We can work harder to create a Bharat that produces high quality goods at a reasonable price, export them, capture markets, create brands, make our enemies completely dependant on us. Secondly, we can develop a strong Defence Industry, export arms. Thirdly we can send our share our pearls of wisdom with the rest of the world. Vedanta, Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedic Mathematics, Reikhi, Meditation, Music, Movies, Food to name a few. And lastly, have Armed Forces that act as a strong deterrent to our adversaries, current and future.

We must increase defence spending to 3 % of GDP till 2010. We must follow the Sardar Patel secularism model that means equal respect for all religions but no special privileges to any one.

Our beloved country will progress faster when Sanatan Dharam is given its due. Long live Dharma.

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