Jain philosophy simplified

  • By Shri Narottamdas Kapasi
  • July 2002

Jainism & Atheism      

222. Refusal to accept a super power is not atheistic.
223. Beliefs about the super power differ with different religions.
A mere refusal to accept a creator, is not proper in term it as ‘atheism’.
224. A super power claims to be endowed with perfect knowledge.  Jainism believes in a perfect soul, with perfect knowledge. Jainism regards a perfect soul as ‘God’ though not as a super power.
A super power is claimed to be omnipotent. Jainism believes that a perfect soul is omnipotent.
A super power is claimed to be eternally happy.
A perfect soul is eternally happy.
A super power dominating over all for over is not acceptable to Jainism.  Jainism claims every one as equals and enslavement of others for all the time is not an attractive notion.
225. A good master makes his subordinates equal or even superior to him.  A super power would not like to keep his subordinates as subordinates forever.  The super power is a loving one.  He would love to make every one as his equals.
226. It is not correct to give importance to a few differences and to term Jainism as Atheism.

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