A Bird's Eye View of the Uddhava Gita

Final Advice
Uddhava submits that this Yogic  discipline is extremely difficult for one who is not a master of senses as it  brings about many failures and frustrations. He asks whether there is any  alternative to it.

Krishna said: “I shall now tell  you the code of conduct, which is pleasing to me, by observing which a man will  conquer the cycle of birth and death.   Dedicate the mind and intellect to me. Find delight in pleasing me in  various ways. Do all actions for my sake. Remember me all the while.

A devotee should see me in  everything and everything in me. He must regard all created things as identical  with me. Honor them as such. Look with equal eye on a Brahmin and a chandala, a  thief and a sanyasi.  He should get rid of the three faults viz.  finding fault with superiors, self-conceit and contempt towards inferiors.

Without any shame prostrate like  a log of wood on the ground in front of the dog, paraya (the untouchable), cow  or donkey. This must be done till my devotee is convinced that I am present in  all beings. Seeing me in all beings is the highest worship of me and such a man  will be rid of all fears.

I have explained in essence all  the principles of Vedanta and to him who expounds this to my devotees I will  show my real form even without his request.”

Uddhava said: “The darkness of  ignorance in which I was steeped has been dispelled by your teaching.”

Honoring the instructions of  Krishna, Uddhava left for Badrikaashram (Badrinath). There, practicing  meticulously the teachings of the Lord he attained to the state of Sri Hari. Anyone  who follows this teaching will be liberated. All who have fellowship with such  a man will also be liberated.

Thereafter the internecine  holocaust among the Yadus follows and the Yadukula is completely wiped out. The avatar of Sri Krishna also comes to end.
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