Words of Bhisma, Vidhur & Yudhister

  • By Shyam Sunder
  • December 2002
A Week with Shiva

270. Who, cleansed of the stain of violence, rightly assures non-injury to all beings, is indeed united with Dharma.

271. Who is merciful to all beings, deals with all with straightforwardness, and sees all as himself. Is indeed united with Dharma.

272. Straightforwardness towards all beings, equals, even excels in distinction, a bath in the Vedas.

273. Sincerity is said to be dharma and crookedness adharma. Who is always sincere in conduct, lives close to gods.

274. Forgiving, senses controlled, master over anger, steadfast in dharma, non-violent, always engaged in dharma-such a one a indeed united with dharma.

275. The man of dharma knowledge and good conduct, who adheres to the highest path without indolence and to the best of his ability, attains the Brahmic status.

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