Shakti Peethas (Tantra Peethas) of India

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1. Amar Kantak, M.P.
There  are varying opinions on whether AmarKantak or Kalmadhava is the perfect spot.  The most adapted view is for AmarKantak, is the originating point of River  Narmada and is situated in Madhya Pradesh. It is also said that Devi's right  hips fell here and the idols are Devi as Right Nipple Asitananda Kali and Shiva  as Asitananda.

2. Amarnath at Amarnath Cave, Kashmir
Devi's Neck  (throat) fell here and the idols are Devi as Mahamaya (the great Illusion) and  Shiva as Trisandhyasvar. This is famous for pilgrimage of Amarnath temple.  There is a Shiva lingam of glacial ice which expands and contracts with the  seasons.

3. Bhairava Parvat at Ujjain, MP
Devi's  upper lips fell here and idols are Devi as Avanti (Modest) and Shiva as  Lambakarna (Long eared one). It is located This is located at Bhairava  hills on the banks of Shipra River a little distance from Ujjain town, in Madhya Pradesh near Ujjain.

4. Chitrakoot at Ramgiri hills, MP
The  right breast of Devi Shivani fell here (another opinion is that her Nala or  Jaghanasti or Bone of the Abdomen fell here) and the idols are Devi as Shivani  (the wife of Shiva) and Shiva as Chanda. This is located in Madhya Pradesh near Katni Railway station.

5. Dantewada at Baster, Chhattisgarh
Devi’s  daanta (teeth) fell here. Devi is worshipped as Danteshwari (Kuldevi of Baster  State) and Shiva as Kapali Bhairava. The place is about 80 km's from Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh.  The place has come to limelight due to recent Maoist movement.

6. Godavari Tirtha or Sarva Shaila, Andhra Pradesh
Devi's  left cheek fell here and the idols are Viswamatrika (mother of the world) and  Shiva as Viveshi Dandapani (the one who holds a staff). The famous Koti Lingeswar  temple is on the banks of Godavari River near Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh,  India

7. Hingula or Hinglaj, Pakistan
Devi's  mind or brain fell here and the idols are Devi as Kotari (Brahmarandhra  Kottawisha Bhairavi) Durga and Shiva as Bhimlochan (Triple eyed or the third  eye).

The  location is in a cave on the western part of Pakistan near Karachi and is about  90 miles away from Karachi. The road from Karachi to Hingula (Hinglaj) is  alongside the Arabian Sea. Usual Transport is Camel or Camel driven cart. A  beam of light can be seen within the dark cave, where the temple is located.

8. Jalandhar, Punjab
The  left breast of Devi fell here and the idols are Devi as Tripurmalini (Durga)  and Shiva as Bhisan (Gruesome). Jwalamukhi is the nearby Tirtha and train goes  from Delhi to Jalandhar. There is Devi Talab (Pond) in Jalandhar, a large  masonry tank sacred to Hindus.

There  is also a very famous Shiva temple in Jalandhar, the temple is a blend of  Muslim Hindu architecture situated at Gur Mandi near Imam Nassir mausoleum  dates back to the Lodhi Era. It is believed to be built by the Nawab of  Sultanpur Lodhi. The main gate was built in the style of a mosque while the  rest of the building in Hindu style. There is a tradition that when Jalandhar  was in Nawab territory he had eyed a newly married Hindu girl who was a devotee  of Lord Shiva who, in the form of a serpent, saved her honor. Awed by the  appearance of this serpent the Nawab apologized to the girl and built the  temple on her bidding.

9. Janasthan, Panchavati, Nasik, Maharashtra
Devi's  chin fell here and the idols are Devi as Bhramari (female Bumble bee or  attendant of Durga) and Shiva as Vikrakatakkha (one with the crooked eyes or  look). Other names are Devi as Chibuka (the one with the chin) and Shiva as  Sarvasiddhish (the one who can fulfill all desires). Bhramari Devi is a dark  goddess identified as another form of Kalika and said to be "as brilliant  as a million dark suns". She is surrounded by black bees and holds black  bees in the first of her hands, others of which are in the  "boon-granting" and "fear-allaying" gestures. She destroys  egoistic demons while her bees make the seed-Mantra "Hring" sound.

10. Jwalamukhi, Kangra at Himachal Pradesh
Devi's  tongue fell here and the idols are Devi as Ambika (Mother) and Shiva as Unmatta  Bhairava (Furious). This is located near Jalandhar in Punjab. One can hire a  local transport from
Jalandhar  to Jwalamukhi. It is 34 Kms south of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.

The  Temple of Siddha Jwalamukhi Devi is an astounding sacred power point, an  adventure unto itself. Within Jwalamukhi is an archaic sanctuary to the tongue  of Kali, the source of the flame of transformation. The sanctuary contains a  shallow pool of water. Floating above the water is perpetual natural-gas-fueled  blue flames. Kangra, in Himachal Pradesh.

11. Kanyakumari at Tamil Nadu
Devi's  back fell here and the idols are Devi as Sharvani and Shiva as Nimisha. There  are varying opinions about whether this is Kanyasharm or Kalikashram or Kanyakumari.  There is a Bhadra Kali temple within the precincts of Kumari temple. Other view: It  also thought to be situated in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

12. Kolhapur or Karavipur or Shivaharkaray,  Maharastra
Devi's  three eyes fell here and the idols are Devi as Mahishmardini (Durga the  destroyer of Mahishashur) and Shiva as Krodhish (the one who can be angry).  Kolhapur also houses the famous Mahalakshmi Temple.

13. Kurukchetra, Haryana
Devi's right  ankle fell here and the idols are Devi as Savitri or Sthanu and Shiva as Aswanath.
Kurukchetra  is the fields belonging to the Kuru family where the battle of the Mahabharata  was fought between the Kurus and Pandus.

14. Manivedika, Pushkar at Rajasthan
Devi's  middle of the palms fell here and the idols are Devi as Gayatri (Saraswati) and  Shiva as Sarvananda (the one who makes everyone happy). The place is also  varyingly referred to as “Manibandha “or “Manivedika”.

15. Nellore at Sri Lanka
Devi’s  feet bells (Nupur or Anklet) fell here and the idols are Devi as Indrakschi and  Shiva as Rakchaseswara. Indrakschi was created and worshipped by Indra in  person. The Lord here was worshipped by the Demon King Ravana, who was the  Ruler of Sri Lanka.

Nellore is now in Andhra Pradesh thus there is confusion. However  it is most likely at Andhra Pradesh as Andhra was heavily influenced by Tantra  and Nellore is a district of Andhra Pradesh.
16. Pancha Saagar – Place not known
Panchasagar  - Devi's lower teeth fell here. Idols are Devi as Barahi and Shiva as Maharudra  (the angry one). It is believed at a place near to Hardwar.

17. Pashupatinath, Kathmandu of Nepal
Devi's  two knees fell here. Idols are Devi as Guhyeshwari Mahamaya and Shiva as Kapali  Bhairava. This again is a very famous pilgrimage spot and located in Nepal.

18. Prabhas, Girnar Hills
Devi's  stomach fell here and the idols are Devi as Chandrabhaga (Throne of the moon)  and Shiva as Bakratunda (the one with the bent staff). This is near Bombay (now  Mumbai) here a launch/steamer goes to Bharoal (also Veroal) which is near to  Prabhas (also Provas). There is another way to Prabhas all thru by train. Very  close to this place is the famous Som Nath Temple. .

19. Ratnabali, Chennai at Tamil Nadu
Devi's  right shoulder fell here. Idols are Devi as Kumari (Durga) and Shiva as Bhairava  (Remover of fear). This place is supposedly located near Madras (now Chennai)  in Tamil Nadu.
Other views: Ratnabali is on the banks of Ratnakar River  at Khanakul; district Hooghly, West Bengal, and India.

20. Sri Sailam  of Mallikharjuna Hill, Andhra Pradesh
Part  of Devi’s neck fell here. This place is located in Andhra Pradesh and is a very  famous pilgrimage spot. Lord Shiva is called as “Mallikharjuna Swami” and  Parvati or Amba Devi is known as “Brahmara Ambika”. This is a very famous  divine place where one of the only 12 Jyotir Linga Shrines dedicated to Lord  Shiva is established. Other Views: Shri Shaila is  situated at Jainpur village, near Gotatikar, towards north-east 3 km from  Sylhet town, Bangladesh. Devi is worshipped as “Mahalakshmi” and Shiva as  “Sambaranand”.

21.  Shriparvata near Ladakh in Nepal
Sole  of Devi's right foot fell here. Idols are Devi as Shri Sundari (beautiful) and  Shiva as Sundaranand (the handsome one) Bhairava. The place is situated near  Ladakh in Nepal.

22. Suchindram of Kanya Kumari, Tamil Nadu
Devi's upper  teeth fell here. Idols are Devi as Narayani and Shiva as Samhar/Sanghar. They  are worshipped in a Shiva temple at Shuchi Tirtham 11 km on Kanyakumari  Trivandrum road, Tamil Nadu, India. This place is near the southernmost tip of  India, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.

23. Ujjain at Madhya Pradesh (MP)
Devi's  elbows fell here and the idols are Devi as Mangalchandi (Durga) and Shiva as  Siddhidayaka Kapilambar (one who wears the brown clothes).

24. Virat (Present Jaipur) of Rajasthan
Devi's  small toes (leg fingers) of the feet fell here. Idols are Devi as Ambika and  Shiva as Amrita (nectar of immortality).

Acknowledgements:  In this article, author has tried to capture all pertinent information relating  to Shakti Peethas, their location, accessibility, etc in most cases in and  around India. The author is grateful to various authorities/agencies on their  books and articles on Tantra and other Indian literatures, without which it is  not possible to compile the information on Sakti Peethas.

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