Peace of Mind- A Road Map in the Bhagavad Gita

Equanimity : Its End Result                        
  What do we achieve by  remaining equanimous? The Lord comforts us in the following words assuring His  grace to those who listen to His nectar-like counsel.

yam hi na vyathayantyete purusham purusharshabha
    samaduhkha sukham dheeram  so’mritatwaaya kalpate ||(2.15)

The man who is not troubled by these (pairs of opposites) who is  even-minded in pleasure and pain, who is of serene mind, he makes himself fit  for immortality, O Arjuna.

An even-minded person becomes free from the shackles of birth and death.
    aapooryamaanam  achalapratishtham
    samudram  aapah pravishanti yadwat
    tadwat  kaamaa yam pravishanti sarve
    sa  shaantim aapnoti na kaamakaami ||(2.70)

Just as river waters enter the  full ocean without creating any disorder, one attains peace, within whose mind  all desires dissipate without creating any mental distractions and  modifications. The idea is that one who always turns his mental antenna towards  sense objects can never be at  peace with  himself.

yadricchaalaabhasantushto dwandwaateeto vimatsarah
    samah siddhaavasiddhau cha kritwaapi na nibadhyate ||(4.22)

Satisfied with whatever comes  unasked, who is unaffected by pairs of opposites and free from envy, even-minded  in success and failure is not bound (by work).

yajjnaatwaa na punarmoham evam yaasyasi paandava
    yena bhootaanyasheshena drakshyasyaatmanyatho mayi ||(4.35)

After knowing this  transcendental knowledge, O Arjuna, you shall not again become deluded like  this. With this knowledge you shall see the entire creation within your own  higher Self, and thus within Me.

ihaiva tairjitah sargo yeshaam saamye sthitam manah
    nirdosham hi samam brahma tasmaad brahmani te sthitaah ||(5.19)

Everything is accomplished in  this very life by the one whose mind sees equality in all. Such a person has  realized the Supreme Being, because the Supreme Being is flawless and  impartial. Therefore, be established in the Supreme Being.

yo maam pashyati sarvatra sarvam cha mayi  pashyati
    tasyaaham na pranashyaami sa cha me na pranashyati ||(6.30)

Those who perceive Me in  everything, and behold everything in Me, are not separated from Me, and I am  not separated from them.

ye twaksharamanirdeshyamavyaktam paryupasate
    sarvatragamachintyam cha kootasthamachalam dhruvam ||(12.03)

samniyamyendriyagraamam sarvatra samabuddhaya
    te praapnuvanti maameva sarvabhootahite rataah ||(12.04)

But those who worship the  unchangeable, the inexplicable, the invisible, the omnipresent, the  inconceivable, the unchanging, the immovable, and the formless impersonal  aspect of God, restraining all the senses, even-minded under all circumstances,  engaged in the welfare of all creatures, also attain Me.

sarvabhooteshu yenaikam bhaavamavyayameekshate
    avibhaktam vibhakteshu tajjnaanam viddhi saatwikam ||(18.20)

Such knowledge is Saatvik by which  one sees a single immutable Reality in all beings as undivided in the divided.

The notion that all living  beings can be classified into ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘This’ and ‘That’ is a mere illusion.  It is a divided or fractured view of the world. There is no reality in such a  perception because such objects of vision are ever changing, divisible and  perishable. But they get their seeming existence only due to the Illuminator  who is the Supreme God. This kind of Saatvik knowledge enables us to get a  proper focus on life situations.
    asaktabuddhih  sarvatra jitaatmaa vigatasprihah
    naishkarmyasiddhim  paramaam sannyaasenaadhigacchati ||(18.49)

The person whose mind is always free from  selfish attachment, who has subdued his mind and senses, and who is free from  desires, attains the Supreme state of freedom from the bondage of actions by renouncing  attachment to the fruits of work.

Such a person, whose intellect is unattached,  senses subdued and from whom desires are nowhere to be found attains the  Supreme state of God-Realization or Moksha or Liberation from the burden of  transmigration.

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