Trek to Seven Lakes Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

  • In East Arunachal Pradesh is the scenic Anini district. This exciting trek takes you to the 7 lakes in Dibang Valley that are at a maximum height of 14,000 feet. 

A group of seven explored the seven lakes route in 2020 and thereafter made the necessary infrastructure. They are passionate about promoting this trek. On seeing the pictures it looks very interesting and exciting. Trek organised by Emudu Trekkers. Trek details and pictures provided by Emudu Trekkers (Jimu Mele, a founding member). Have only formatted it. I visited Arunachal way back in 2013, drove over 3000 kms over 19 days and fell in love with this Indian State and its people. Good part is most people speak Hindi - Editor.


The trek is presented day wise with pictures. It is an eight day trek. Starting point is Emuli village i.e. 21 kms from Anini, the district headquarters of Dibang Valley. How to reach Anini is told at end of article.

Start with map of Seven Lakes trekking. 


Day 1 Seven lake trekking, F1 trek of 4.17 km, Camp C1 9,000 feet

Trek starts from Emuli village. 

It will take about four and a half hours to reach Aniku top.

Green on the way up.

On the way up.

Camp site Aniku camp. It is ready for trekkers. 


Fire woods are available. The campsite lacks water source. Water source is 40 min away i.e. carried for you by our porter and our team mates.  


Day 2 F2-6.1km, Camp C2 11,025 feet

 Trekking through Muddy Rain forest and thick bamboo forest.

Camping site has one resort, and one Chang ghar with 2 toilet & a small stream.  

Day 3 F3 4.6km, Camp C3 at 12, 020 feet

Trek is six hours. Right of pic is lake 2. 

The route is slope jungle then rocky hill. Rocky Mountains are the challenging part for new trekkers. Our team is constantly changing the route to lower risks and make it easier for you.

Lake 1 (Kahu wuya Lake) 12, 020 feet.


Relaxing Lake 1.  

Day 4 Trek towards the Main Base camp (Lake 2 Emuh ya lake) 2.9km at 12, 600 feet

The trek takes about three and a half hours. It is through rocky hills.

This is the main base camp. From here will trek to remaining lakes.

Loved this pic.  

Day 5 Lake 3 Koyombo Lake

Lake 3 

Lake 4 Dini Lake (Largest of all) is 2 kms from the base camp at 14000 feet.

Somewhere on day 5. 

Lake 5 Chene Lake (The mystical Lake)

Many hunters have seen this lake glowing during night at around 12 midnight including our team mate Ajadi Rondo.

Lake 6&7 (HUHU lakes together) are 6 km from the base camp at 13700 feet.


Day 6 Rest.


Day 7 Return to camp.


Day 8 Return to Emuli then Anini.

There are currently two home stays in Anini. As the number of trekkers increase, the number of home stays will for sure. Can stay at Circuit House too. You can different type of food at Anini including dal, rice and chapati. 

Circuit House Anini. Pic by Mr K Kumar. 


Day 9 Drive Anini-Roing-Dibrugarh for flight to Kolkata

Roads to Roing are improving like what you see. Pic by Mr K Kumar. 


To know about Dibang Valley   Except where mentioned all pics by author. 


Dibang Valley is in eastern Arunachal, ahead of Roing. To see in Arunachal map  


You can fly into Dibrugarh from Kolkata. Dibrugarh to Roing, because of new bridge, takes about 3 hours. Close to Dibrugarh is railway station Tinsukia. To see album of Vivekanand Kendra School Roing


Distance between Roing and Anini is 235 kms. A friend drove from Annini to Dibrugarh, took about 15 hours in a Bolero. To see pics of Mayudia i.e. enroute to Annini, you will get an idea of terrain.


If this is of interest email Jimu Mele or message/call him at 91 7085917932.


To see over 500 pictures on Arunachal Pradesh The drive from Tezpur to Tawang is awesome, a shorter road is being made and soon a Tunnel through Sela Pass.


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