Islamic Invasion of India

This video is produced by and directed by Dr Deepika Kothari & Ramji Om of Vishuddhi Films. 


Video includes Why the evidence of destruction by the Arabs & Turks on India was hidden? Muslim rulers converted Hindu, Jain & Buddhist Temples to mosques. Who wrote Indian history from Indian Perspective? Will Durant wrote that the Mohammedan Conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in History, why did he say this? Yoga is India's most ancient continuity. Why Buddhists became the easy target of invaders? What was the relation of Arabs with India before Islam? Why Centres of leaning were burnt? What was the reason behind Temples & Stupas mass Destruction? When did Sindh, Vijaynagar & Kashmir fall to Mughals? What was the impact of invasion & destruction? Incidences of invasion at Somnath Temple and Vrindavan. And more....


To see video in Hindi 55 minutes. The intent of sharing is to make reader aware, not provoke or incite. 

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