Nos of Indians killed in Bomb Blasts 1993 to 6-3-2013

Ever since the 1993 Mumbai Blasts Indians have got used to blasts at regular intervals. This article has compiled the number of Indians dead in blasts from 1993 to 6th March 2013. Numbers are based on media reports. It excludes those dead in the Khalistani/Kashmiri terrorist movements and Assam violence.

1,446 Indians died and 4,333 were injured during bomb blasts as per attached PDF file. To read PDF file click here

Summary of Human Lives lost in Bomb Blasts, Kashmiri and Khalistani Terror Movements

Year Total
Kashmir 1989 to 19/8/2012 43,273
Khalistani 1981 to 2011 21,629
Bomb Blasts 1993 to 6/3/2013 1,446
Total 66,348

In case you find any errors or omissions please email with source document and we shall make appropriate corrections.

Note that maximum blasts in Congress ruled states as pointed out by noted internal security expert B Raman in first article below and attached PDF file.

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