“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realise we have only one.”- Anonymous

I was reborn and transformed into Aparna 2.0 after my journey to Kailash-Mansarovar, the abode of Lord Shiva in 2016. It is supposed to be the most arduous and challenging journey in this universe for humans. ( Refer to 2 articles on Linkedin).

I practised “Maun” (silence), though selectively during this trip for 2 weeks, i.e. spoke only when someone needed help or I needed help to help others.

It was a different experience…..limiting speech/conversation to a bare minimum.

However, my most recent experience of the ten day Vipassana course has been very refreshing…..basis my own experience and feedback from near and dear ones….it's now Aparna 3.0

This was a very different experience, where you have to practise complete “Maun” for 10 days…in fact cannot communicate through gestures either.

Both experiences are unique and soulful in their own ways.

This maun and prolonged meditation for about 10.5 hours each day for 10 days by observing one’s sensations helps cleanse the mind and purify the soul.

Let me explain through commonplace examples. Just as washing clothes with soap takes away the dirt and makes them clean; so also observing sensations objectively by keeping one’s mind in equilibrium makes the mind clean, clear and peaceful. Just as when you bathe with soap, your body is cleansed and becomes light and refreshed, similarly, the mind (chitta) becomes clean & pure (nirmal) once all the old samskaras (impressions/defilements) are dissolved and new ones of craving and aversion are stopped from being made.

Today, there are many known forms of meditation, however what I appreciate most about Vipassana is that it helps to learn balance and equanimity in any situation.

Our lives in today’s times are strewn with all kinds of stress. For one to learn to only observe & not react & be equanimous is quite a feat…The true nature of sensations is to arise & pass away…its constantly changing. Nothing….no sensation, situation is permanent. When one is able to experience this within, the mind becomes calm, balanced, silent, remains in equilibrium & equipoise- develops equanimity.

My most important take away from this has been, “Try reducing the chatter of the mind - you will find so much peace within.”

The true journey within can only be undertaken when there is quiet in the mind. You can delve within to gain understanding of oneself, causes of misery & also how to liberate oneself from them.

We’re born with a purpose - Divine blessings with Inner Wisdom will help us realise our true purpose of being!

Sabka Mangal Ho!

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