Matter, Mind and Consciousness- Recent Trends in Philosophy and Science

  • By Swami Atmapriyananda

“May the Supreme Being protect us both, the teacher and the disciple by revealing the true nature of knowledge. May the Supreme Being protect us both the teacher and the disciple by revealing the true nature of application of knowledge. May we both settle together for the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. May the knowledge and wisdom acquired be effective and illuminating. May there be no disharmony between us. Om Peace, peace, peace.

Now the word ‘science’ is used everywhere. In the older times the word ‘Vedānta’ was very famous. It would be very prestigious, if you would say that it is found in the books on Vedānta. In the modern world, in the modern age of wisdom, the word ‘science’ has become highly prestigious. If you want to give a prestigious tag to any discipline of science, you add the word ‘science’”.

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About Author - Vice- Chancellor, RKM- Vivekananda University, Kolkata

This article is an extract from a book titled ‘Prajñānam: Self-Awareness’ published by KAIVALYADHAMA, Lonavla, India. Credit and copyright Kaivalyadhama. To buy book online

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