Introduction to Mudra Therapy

What are Mudras?

Vinay Bansal wrote, “Mudras are systematic hand gestures. Literally, Mudra in Sanskrit means a posture/seal. More deeply, “closed electrical circuits” of the subtle channels in physical and etheric bodies are also known as ‘Mudras’”. 


“In Yoga mudras denote the finger and hand gestures and movements used in the performance of dances, rituals and rites and while engaging in spiritual exercises such as meditation.”


“The Gherand Sanhita and the Vajrayana Tantra advise that the Mudras are capable of bestowing great powers and psychic abilities called Siddhies.”  


“The earliest documentations of mudras are found in Mantra Shashtra (the book of incantations), Upasana Shastra (the book of worship and prayers) and the Nritya Shastra (the book of classical dances).” 


“Yog Tatva Mudra Vigyan commonly known as MUDRA VIGYAN is an entirely distinct and independent branch of yoga. This is the science of finer postures, based on Yoga of elements that go to create the human body. The science that can help raise the human being to achieve divine powers and keep the body perfectly fit.” 


“Because the Mudras work on the nerves, they are a NEURAL SCIENCE. Mudra Vigyan is also a science based on the principles of the Indian Medical Science (Ayurveda) which lays down the three factors primarily responsible for the body’s ills, Vata (wind), Pitta (bile) and Kapha (Phelgm).”


“Mudra therapy is primarily rooted in sankhya Darshana, marma vidya and pancha tattvas. Mudra is the ancient Yogic art and science of gesturing and sealing vital pranic energies in the human body for health, well-being and spiritual evolution. It also works as a therapy for the body and mind by balancing the ratio of five elements (panch tattvas) when done with hands.” 3


Buddha was aware of various mudras. The Bodhgaya Temple has images of Buddha with hands in various mudras – see album links below. 108 mudras are regularly used in Tantric rituals. Mudras are used in Indian forms of dances. There are over 200 mudras in bharatanatyam and over 250 in mohiniattam. 


The attached presentation by Shri Mani Iyer has details of 10 mudras that can result in amazing health benefits. For each mudra the slide gives method, speciality, time duration and benefit. You can do these any time, there is much to gain and nothing to lose.


Names of these ten wonder mudras are Gyan-knowledge, Prithvi-earth, Varuna-water, Vayu-air, Shunya-emptiness, Surya-sun, Prana-life, Apana-digestion, Aparna Vayu-heart, Linga-heat and energy.


You can do these any time, there is much to gain and nothing to lose.


This introduction has been put together by the site Editor. Every day I do Pran Mudra whilst walking, seeing television or even when waiting for a meeting. It has helped improve eyesight – can sense the difference.


To know about the ten wonder mudras read PDF file.


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