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The deeper purpose behind eSamskriti is to showcase India's core i.e. culture, spirituality and yoga. Through pictures we show monuments, landscape, people, culture, traditional handicrafts and paintings of the Indian subcontinent.

We believe that by travelling, you know your country and understand/relate better with fellow citizens. Pictures motivate people to travel. Tourism generates employment, enhances incomes and breaks man-made barriers.

Since 2001 we have selflessly shared information about India, tried to maintain a balanced and independent view point whilst retaining a desire to correct and improve.

We do not expect readers to agree with the eSamskriti viewpoint. We accept there will be different points of view and are happy to co-exist. Differences can be resolved through dialogue and mutual respect. We are human and accept that mistakes will occur. These shall be acknowledged and it shall be our sincere endeavour not to repeat the same mistake.

While posting comments against articles and pictures please stick to the point, do not make personal attacks, use decent language and avoid settling scores. Let there be a meaningful exchange of thoughts and insights so all gain.

eSamskriti is a not for profit web portal founded in 2001. It costs significant sums of money to maintain the site, generate travel content and redesign the site from time to time. So far the site has been funded by me with token contributions from friends.

Now we are scaling up the effort significantly and making it broad-based. This might require us to travel more within India and to S.E. Asia etc. The efforts would be supplemented by local photographers who need to be paid, something we have rarely done in the past.

In order to enhance user experience we have deliberately kept advertisements to the bare minimum.

We request for contributions from those who wish to support the eSamskriti effort. At the outset must state that eSamskriti is not a charitable trust so contributions do not attract tax-breaks under the Income-Tax Act, 1961. We assure you that your contribution would be used only for furthering the objectives of eSamskriti. Contributions to be in the name of ''. Formal receipts would be issued for every contribution received. These shall be sent by post or email.

Contributions can be made by cheque or electronically. No cash contributions are accepted. Contributors must share their Permanent Account Numbers (PAN) and city of residence.

In case of any questions or to know bank details mail [email protected]

Love and Light
sanjeev nayyar