About eSamskriti

Expressing Gratitude

This section is to express gratitude to those who helped in the redesign of eSamskriti. It is not possible to thank everyone but here are some names.

1 Painter and marketing professional - Rahul Inamdar : The sentences 'eSamskriti celebrates Indian Culture --- and the metaphor of a scuba dive' are thanks to Rahul. These sentences capture the essence of eSamskriti so beautifully. To visit his site www.rahulinamdar.com

2 Logo Designer - Priya Mehta: We were in a situation where we had two logos to choose from, one better than the other. It is rare to be in such a predicament. During our interactions Priya was always open to new ideas and willing to understand the deeper significance behind a thought. To visit her site

3 Friend - Gangaprasad Gujjeti: He was always there to brainstorm and educate me on matters that I did not understand. With his simplicity and thoughts he made me raise the bar. To visit his site


5 Panel of Advisors: Any creative work is a result of the coming together of many minds. Reached out to friends with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world. Every design was mailed for feedback. eSamskriti is very thankful to Nidhi, Parul, Radhakrishnan, Gautam, Srinivas, Indrajit, Shefali, Sanjay, Seane, Sunil, Vikram and interns Tanya and Divyangna.

6Author and retired banker Shri T N Sethumadhavanji :

On the content side, eSamskriti would not be half the site it is today but for the articles written by late Shri T N Sethumadhavanji. We got to know each other around 2010 when he connected after reading my Rediff article.

He wrote over 60 articles including a commentary on Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. We interacted for nearly four years but ironically never met or spoke. Since he was short of hearing we communicated only through email. At times our communications were very intense. He once wrote, with tears in his eyes, saying eSamskriti offered this retired banker from Nagpur a global platform because of which people from across the world paid him glowing tributes and wondered how the two of us connected. I have always believed that everything in our life happens for a reason. Yeah saab Ishwar ki leela hai. Sethumadhavanji gave up his body in October 2014. Offer my pranams and seek his aashirwad.

Also, Advaita Ashrama (Ramakrishna Mission Order) and Kaivalayadhma Lonavala willingly shared their published articles with eSamskriti. Have no words to express gratitude.

If you like eSamskriti please share it with your world.

Love and Light

sanjeev nayyar