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Bhagavad Gita

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  1. Comment By - Sharat S Date - 26 Oct 2013 Time - 12:09AM
  2. If you observe an Avatara happens towards the end of a Yuga. Krishna`s assertion that He appears on this planet when there is injustice abound. Now the definition and intensity of this injustice would be different in different Yugas. Kali yuga is only 5100 years out of some 4,60,000 years. A full Avatara may be away for so many years but His small appearances do take place from time to time in the form of a Vivekananda, Sankaracharya etc. as per the need.

  3. Comment By - bhattathiri mulavana Date - 25 Oct 2013 Time - 4:53PM
  4. Really a great work

  5. Comment By - Sethu Madhavan Date - 25 Oct 2013 Time - 2:14AM
  6. Regarding Shri Ken Popat’s query as to when will Krishna appear again on this planet I am of the opinion that only Krishna knows the answer. Man’s physical vision is microcosmic and limited to the extent of the power of his visual organ of eyes and his mental vision is limited by his capacity to think. With these physical and mental restraints he just cannot imagine when another divine avatar will emerge on this planet – whatever he may opine all of them will be mere conjectures as Sri Bhagavan said “MANY BIRTHS OF MINE HAVE PASSED AS WELL AS OF YOURS, O ARJUNA ; I KNOW THEM ALL BUT YOU KNOW THEM NOT, O PARANTAPA’ . (4.5) When the time comes The Lord knows when to emerge in the form of Adi Sankaracharya or Sri Ramakrishna or Swami Vivekananda to redeem the world from the morass. Pending this to happen we, the insignificant creatures, can only pray for His re-appearance in our midst as Gopis did in the Vrindavan during the Raas Leela episode.- Sethumadhavan

  7. Comment By - Kishore Popat Date - 24 Oct 2013 Time - 11:35AM
  8. Shri Sethumadhavan has, once again, imparted with the simple translation of Bhagvad Gita and its uniqueness in adopting to our everyday life. How fortunate we are to have such a scholar amongst us, who, unlike previous writers, analysers and spiritualists tried to explain to us to adopt the Bhagvad Gita for betterment of our mundane lives; to seek the absolute and to cherish our lives with the implementation of Shri Krishna`s guidance via the conduit of Bhagvad Gita. Shri Sethumadhavan also explained in prior injunctions the Udhavad Gita, the departure of Shri Krishna from the earthly form. HOWEVER, I remain perplexed as to Shri Krishna`s assertive statement that whenever there is injustice on this planet, I take the human form to rectify those injustices. WHERE IS KRISHNA NOW? WHY IS HE NOT INCARNATING FOR WE HAVE SUCH MASSIVE INJUSTICES IN THE WORLD TODAY. HOW CAN WE PROPEL SHRI KRISHNA TO APPEAR ON THIS PLANET AND HELP MANKIND? These question always perplexes me. I am acutely aware of the Kali yuga, but WHERE IS MY KRISHNA NOW? CAN WE INVITE HIM WITH PRAYERS, SOLEMN PRAYERS, MASS PRAYERS, TOTAL DEDICATION TO HIM??? No doubt I feel enlightened but despondent in equal measure at the injustices on this planet and the ecumenical forces not mitigating them. Ken Popat, London, United Kingdom

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