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Bhagavad Gita

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  1. Comment By - Atul Sharma Date - 08 Oct 2014 Time - 10:22PM
  2. I actually need it, i really thankful for it who provided the full holy book, its a great job..........Thank you so much.

  3. Comment By - mangesh m Date - 12 Aug 2014 Time - 1:44PM
  4. Reading the Bhagwat Geeta each time as the years go by, one feels closer to the Lord and His words become more and more meaningful each time.

  5. Comment By - Dev KT Date - 28 Jul 2014 Time - 2:34AM
  6. I want my son to learn Bhagwat geetha.. can anyone tell me where they will teach in chennai. near Gopalapuram.. kindly mail me to

  7. Comment By - Sharat S Date - 26 Oct 2013 Time - 12:09AM
  8. If you observe an Avatara happens towards the end of a Yuga. Krishna`s assertion that He appears on this planet when there is injustice abound. Now the definition and intensity of this injustice would be different in different Yugas. Kali yuga is only 5100 years out of some 4,60,000 years. A full Avatara may be away for so many years but His small appearances do take place from time to time in the form of a Vivekananda, Sankaracharya etc. as per the need.

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