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Bhagavad Gita

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  1. Comment By - Prakash Ramaseshan Nellepally Date - 30 Apr 2016 Time - 1:44PM
  2. Excellent job. I experience bliss.

  3. Comment By - SANJAY NAMDEV CHAUDHARI Date - 22 Mar 2016 Time - 5:55PM
  4. I was desperately looking for english translation (word to word) for one of my friend in USA. I thank you very very much.

  5. Comment By - Atul Sharma Date - 08 Oct 2014 Time - 10:22PM
  6. I actually need it, i really thankful for it who provided the full holy book, its a great job..........Thank you so much.

  7. Comment By - mangesh m Date - 12 Aug 2014 Time - 1:44PM
  8. Reading the Bhagwat Geeta each time as the years go by, one feels closer to the Lord and His words become more and more meaningful each time.

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