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Peace Of Mind- A Road Map In The Bhagavad Gita
By T N Sethumadhavan, February 2010

Chapter :

It will be observed from the foregoing  discussion that equanimity of mind is the fundamental step one has to take on  the Super Highway  to Self-Realization which is highlighted in the Bhagavad Gita. By listening to  this advice of The Lord, we will not be contended with cosmetic changes in our  lifestyle and its superficialities. We will experience a complete change in our  thinking, in our attitude, in our mindset and in our total personality.

We will be able to play the game of life with  a new perspective, see the world through a different looking-glass and discover  a new meaning and purpose for our existence. After hearing The Lord’s advice  Arjuna did not turn out to be a Sanyasi and ran away to a forest. On the  contrary, he fought and won his life’s battle with a renewed vigor, vitality  and self-confidence.

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding  lies in its eating. So why can’t we also give a try to the advice of The Lord?  ‘YES, WE CAN’ said Barack Obama in a different context.

Chapter :

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  1. Comment By - Dev Kar Date - 08 Aug 2014 Time - 8:04AM
  2. We cannot attain "perfect" equality but we can attain less inequality. This commentary should not taken by poticians and those responsible for making economic policy to do nothing about inequality on the excuse that we cannot attain perfect equality or balance. You have to do the right thing with dispassion--nishkarma. A situation where there is increasing inequality with the rich becoming richer while the poor is becoming poorer is neither good for the country nor for the world at large. It will lead to social, political, and economic instability.

  3. Comment By - Godelieve Schmit Date - 30 Jul 2013 Time - 9:07AM
  4. Thank you very much for this sharing ! I agree !

  5. Comment By - Jagdish Suman Date - 12 May 2012 Time - 2:57PM
  6. I agree with the above comments and more: The context in which Bhagwan Krishan siad all this was different than the reason Arjun was confused.......he did not want to fight and live like an ordinary human being; NOT A SANYASEE!! All Indains are trying to teach Hindus how to attain peace by becoming SANYASEES.......... PLEASE If want to teach; teach something practicle how to survive in this world fisrt, then the Truth about "action without attachment" ( Karmane`Badhikrastey. Ma faleshu Kadachan....". First let the confused Hindus know that what the definition of "Dharama" is; It is perfornance of your Duty. How do you do that in this World?? Not by attaininng peace first; but by know how to WIN over the Evi;l fisrt.......Krishana also says, " Yada Yada Dharmassya galaani r, Bhavati,.......Samvabhani Yuge yuge"..........HOW does he do it?? Not by becoming a Sanyasee; but killing the "adharmees" and destrying the Evil. He dis this in each and every Avataar. PLEASE WAKE UP AND SAVE YOUR SANASKRITEE by preacing the REAL SAAR of GEETA & Vedaant. Read Vivekananda`s ineterpretaion of Geeta; Not the Swammees!!!!

  7. Comment By - bir kohli Date - 01 Mar 2010 Time - 2:37AM
  8. Remaining unattached and still be doing everything in life,like everyone else, is something that very few people can understand, leave alone, do it.We all seem to be very comfortable with Ahinsa Parmodharma etc, where we do not have to fight, kill or die. Real Ahinsa comes from strength-not from avoiding a fight. Where is the sense in taking out a candle light march in memory of our people who died as a result of the terrorist attack? I thought some brave people would get together and resolve to hit back! Non violence does not work with Jihadis. A strong nation does not tolerate an irresponsible behavior by any other country. America has shown us the way. There has been no attack on USA since 9/11. In our case bomb attacks are a normal, once in a way happenings.Here is what I read in Times of India dt. Aug 3, 2005“Some of the material taught in Pakistani schools includes describing Jews as tightfisted moneylenders, Christians as vengeful conquerors, pernicious and Hindus as devious and cowardly people”. “Govt-run schools are a mere incubator of such thought”. We have to show that even if, because of a thousand years of slavery, we are giving an impression that we are weak, but we are no longer that. We have now to wake up and act--“Nashto Mohah-Smritir Labdha------------. I am happy, Sh. Sethumadhavan is taking us back to our scriptures. We have to read his articles more deeply and learn how to live like a respectable nation.May God bless him!Bir Badshah

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