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Scientific Theory Of Pauli-Jung Vis- A-Vis Ontology Of Neo-Vedanta
By Rajeshwar Mukhopadhyaya, [[email protected]]

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In the recent times the development of quantum mechanics has introduced the germ of subjectivity into modern science. Prior to the august emergence of quantum mechanics in the arena of modern physics, Einstein’s theory of Relativity destroyed the notion of the absolute description of the universe. Subsequently, quantum measurement problem, as a result of the collapse of the wave function, opened the flood gate of subjective speculations in modern physics. Several interpretations grew up nourishing the subjective implications. The Copenhagen interpretation, the Einstein-Podoloski-Rosen paradox, Bell’s Theorem, Aspect experiment, Wigner’s interpretation etcetera set the stage for working out the intricate relation between the observer and the observed.

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About Author - Research Officer, Philosophico-Literary Research Department, Kaivalyadhama

This article is an extract from a book titled ‘Prajñānam: Self-Awareness’ published by KAIVALYADHAMA, Lonavla, India. Credit and copyright Kaivalyadhama. To buy book online

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