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  1. The Fatwa from Muzffarnagar- An urgent need to review the 1937 Act
  3. UNIFORM CIVIL CODE - It is time to revisit this issue
  4. Jallikattu fallout and future course of action
  5. Attack on Shirdi a political conspiracy
  6. Government not responsible for Church evangelical business
  7. Modi Sarkar must steer clear of the pitfalls of Atal Sarkar
  8. How Modi should ensure India sees `acche din`
  9. Modi seizes control of the political discourse
  10. AAP`s insidious anti-Hindu agenda
  11. AAP - Anti-Modi stalking horse
  12. Telangana episode a warning to Sangh Parivar
  14. 1984 - Where did it begin
  15. India under Narendra Modi - Is Sri Lanka ready for its revolutionary transformation
  16. Kejriwal deception and the energy conundrum
  17. Muslim Leaders of India`s `Secular` Parties - Not Ready to Shed Communal Legacy
  18. Indian Muslims and the well of victimhood
  19. The Ghost Returns - The New Communal Violence Bill
  20. 21 Questions for supporters of Article 370
  21. Victory of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi
  22. Many Faces of Violence in the US - Lessons for India
  23. TEJPAL, MULLAH ZAEEF AND SIMI - Great Editors Advocacy for Islamists
  24. The Decline of the US, and what India can learn from this
  25. War and dissolution of India
  26. Islamic University at the foot of Thirumala
  27. Narendra Modi - Opportunities and Challenges
  28. Lessons from the Uttarakhand Disaster
  29. Toilets, Temples, Modi and Development
  30. Communal Riots in Secular India
  31. Kishtwar Riots - The Beginning of Ethnic Cleansing
  32. Uttarakhand - Hidden agendas don`t have people as priority
  33. A critique of AG Noorani`s `Kashmir Dispute 1947-2012` - II
  34. Differences on women`s rights and choice between the US, India and the Middle East
  35. Uttarakhand ignores divine rage
  36. A critique of AG Noorani`s `Kashmir Dispute 1947-2012`
  37. Muslims chaff at secular limitation
  38. The politics of hate in India-An extension of vote bank politics
  39. West Bengal-Condemn JEI-Hind Rally in sympathy with the JEI of Bangladesh
  40. Tackling scourge of terrorism in Kashmir, Congress-style
  41. The Muslim Community and Their Leaders
  42. Sri Lanka`s war of attrition - Church ignited and fuelled
  43. Arabisation of Indian Muslims - And its ill Effects
  44. Tamil Nadu Lawyers` mutiny - the Church`s first big step
  45. RESERVATION FOR MINORITIES-Constituent Assembly Debate-Revisited
  46. Mandalisation of Muslim Politics in India
  47. Chhattisgarh-`A state continuously striving to do better`
  48. India-Empowerment of Pasmanda Muslims is a Must
  49. THE RIGHTS OF MINORITIES- Should Not end up in Isolating them Further
  50. Swami Kamalananda Bharati-Hate Speech or Sage advice
  51. BODO-MUSLIM CONFLICT in ASSAM- Historical Roots
  52. Provocative Politics of AIMIM
  53. Why Narendra Modi is Opposed
  54. Why Raj, Uddhav Thackeray have to bury the hatchet
  55. 8 reasons why Kasab was hanged
  56. Pre-meditated madness in Mumbai- An insider`s view
  57. Why India performs badly at the Olympics
  58. British corruption behind Libor scam
  59. India`s new untouchables- Marx, Engels
  60. The plot behind Sabotage Kudankulam
  61. The politics and arrogance of British aid to India
  62. Western Christian Imperialism vs Non-Christian world
  63. Why the West is committing economic harakiri
  64. America`s Most Desperate - Why are 50 million Americans starving
  65. Why are we still talking about Ram Rajya
  66. Roza-nama- Only Paigambar, no Pitambar
  67. Lokpal and the Three (Magsaysay) Musketeers
  68. 15th August- A day to bust some myths about India
  69. Why Britain is Burning
  70. Kerala`s Temples of Gloom
  71. The Bilderberg Group- Sealing the World`s Fate behind Closed Doors
  72. Is Sanyasa about making a political difference- Reflections on the Baba Ramdev episode
  73. NAC`s idea of Minorities is irrelevant and - dangerous
  74. How the Indian Navy made a bonfire of Karachi
  75. What`s wrong with a $400 room, IMF
  76. Tablet wars- India`s Adam takes a bite of Apple`s iPad
  77. Maoists, anti-nationals and Hazare`s hordes
  78. Military Leadership and Trial by Media
  79. PM requests Dhoni to lose semi- final, For a safer Sub Continent
  80. Are cricket umpires racist
  81. Guess who loves British Petroleum`s crude tactics
  82. J and K - Oppressing a free press
  83. Buddhist-Hindu Identity- A necessity for Sri Lanka
  84. Supremely injudicious
  85. Living in a World Without the West
  86. L K Advani could be PM post 2G scam
  87. Ladakhis demand freedom from Kashmir, trifurcation the only way out
  88. Omar Abdullah challenges J and K Integration with India
  89. Kandhamal- the Real Challenges
  90. Whose Commonwealth- The games nations play
  91. 9/11, Ground Zero mosque, Babri and their symbolism
  92. Kandhamal- Challenging A.P. Shah`s ex-parte verdict
  93. Mother Teresa- Giving Charity an Uncharitable Name
  94. Exodus- Is the Christian Church Losing Critical Mass
  95. Redefining Trust Deficit
  96. Missionary Impossible
  97. Rape an Afterthought
  98. Dixon Plan- Moves afoot to divide Jammu on communal lines
  99. Secularism- Theory and Practice in Contemporary India
  100. Twenty Million Too Many
  101. Watch Out for the Taliban of Untouchability
  102. Daughters of J and K- India`s most Unwanted
  103. Weird wannabe- Rahul Gandhi`s journey from all-night party to daylight nautanki
  104. Madhani- Just a sample of `terror` brewing in Kerala
  105. The curious case of Tendulkar envy
  106. Azadi to radical Islamists, Slavery for Patriots
  107. Why the Greeks never came back to India
  108. Ladakh demands UT status- J & K division only solution
  109. Conquering Afghanistan- What the West can learn from India
  110. Jammu & Kashmir tests Hindu resolve
  111. The Days of the Assassin are Back
  112. Kashmir solution - Chidambaram blissfully ignorant
  113. Non territorial Settlement Towards a Second Partition
  114. YSR end of a controversial tenure
  115. Why the Thackeray brothers must unite
  116. Separatists go for the Overkill
  117. Why BJP lost Elections 2009
  118. The BJP got what it deserved
  119. Rejoinder to Interpretation of Dreams
  120. How Rajnikant bridged the North South divide with Robot
  121. Sri Lanka`s war of attrition- Church ignited and fueled
  122. What if India became the world`s 3rd largest economy
  123. Nos of Indians killed in Terror Attacks
  124. UPA Govt - governing with a 20th century mindset
  125. Decolonising the Indian Mind