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Foreign Affairs

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  1. Why is India obsessed with Pakistan and how can it counter China
  2. Tibet- a Narrative of Cultural Holocaust
  3. Why Pakistan should be declared a Terrorist State
  4. How must India respond to Geopolitical Challenges
  5. Ten behavioural traits India must change to successfully counter Pakistan
  6. What stops me from loving Pakistan
  7. How should India handle a defiant Pakistan
  8. China thinks Buddhism
  9. Why Modi-Jinping talks should also focus on CoK - China-occupied Kashmir
  10. Modi`s Japan visit-Buddha diplomacy at work
  11. Gilgit-Baltistan needs India
  12. India needs an integrated policy to deal with China - breaks it into 17 steps
  13. E-bomb- The real doomsday weapon
  14. Stalingrad-What happened inside the cauldron
  15. Pak is a needless distraction- China is the real enemy
  16. Reports of Brics dying are highly exaggerated
  17. Winners and whiners in the scramble for Africa
  18. How to break the India-China deadlock
  19. Why Muslims and Chinese hate Pakistan
  20. Why Bobby Jindal Wants to be White
  21. Dealing with Pakistan-Time to Face Realities
  22. Foreign hand- How big a threat is it
  23. Bodh Gaya and the Buddhist world
  24. Singapore- The battle that changed Asia
  25. Target Iran- The morality of killing nuclear scientists
  26. How the Indians brought down the Supersonic Man
  27. 1971 War- How Russia sank Nixon`s gunboat diplomacy
  28. Australia`s Darwinian blunder
  29. The Czar is Back - But why is the West worried
  30. Why India and Russia need to back each other
  31. Welcome to Colonialism 2
  32. For a few rupees more- Why France and Britain are bombing Libya
  33. BRICS build a new world order
  34. Why Osama`s death is bad news for India
  35. Libya and the war of the wimps
  36. K. Subrahmanyam`s letter to an Indian student
  37. How India`s Cold Start is Turning the Heat on Pakistan
  38. North Korean Nukes- You Aint Seen Nothing Yet
  39. Tel Aviv`s voice in India speaks of Chinese threat
  40. Who is the enemy in Afghanistan.
  41. 8 ways India can hurt Pakistani economy
  42. Will Pakistan ever let India live in peace
  43. India`s love affair with Pakistan
  44. Indo Pak wars
  45. Indo Chinese war of 1962
  46. The Truth about Article 370
  47. Religious Demography of India
  48. Similiarities between Nehru and Vajpayee
  49. Military Science in the Vedas
  50. Yoga, Ahimsa & recent terrorist attacks
  51. Kashmir the Real Story