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  1. Comment By - Renga R Iyengar Date - 12 Nov 2016 Time - 9:04AM
  2. There is no worship in a temple without these flower ladies. If one looks historically, these ladies were actually inside - doing what the priests of today are doing.. In fact they are the people who create the art form of `Bharatha Natyam` and taught the same to the priests ! Well, now the whole gamut of things have degenerated and deteoriated so much that the term `Flower Lady` in tamil has become a word of disrepute. But still we all respect them for the work they do. Of course you can find them all over south india before every temple in small & big towns. It is time the government authorities realise the pathetic state of these flower ladies and take measures to uplift them by giving them funds to make them put up modern stalls for selling `modern` flower packets !

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