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  1. Comment By - Yogeshwar Shastri Date - 16 Feb 2011 Time - 3:11PM
  2. Great pictures of Vijaynagara.

  3. Comment By - Parthapratim Ray Date - 12 Feb 2011 Time - 11:22PM
  4. Wonderful display of images of the Hampi Festival.If you could display images of the buildings associated with the earliest dynasty and the Saint Vidyaranya ,it would have been still more significant historically.I of course dont know as yet if your site has already posted such pictures. Parthapratim Ray

  5. Comment By - Chitra Raman Date - 12 Feb 2011 Time - 9:28PM
  6. Superb pictures Sanjeev. Great picture of the ferocious lady -- are you sure that`s Kali? If they were enacting the Ramayana, perhaps she was meant to be Surpanakha or some other rakshasi?

  7. Comment By - R J Date - 12 Feb 2011 Time - 12:37PM
  8. Beautiful, Thanks!

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