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  1. Comment By - Krishnamurthy Ramaswamy Date - 20 Apr 2011 Time - 7:16AM
  2. Ver nice and interesting. I thank our Almighty to have inspired the creatr of this site and information provided especially when the socalled secular forces are out to destroy the glorious past of our culture and tradition Ramaswamy

  3. Comment By - Parthapratim Ray Date - 19 Apr 2011 Time - 10:54AM
  4. The pictures are wonderful and surely provides an evidence of the ingenuity of the Vijaynagara rulers.Main source of water was of course the Tungabhadra which probably also was the source of drinking water.E-Samskriti is certainly doing a great Job in highlighting the salient features of a great empire.thanks to them. Parthapratim Ray.

  5. Comment By - deepak madhukar petare Date - 14 Apr 2011 Time - 2:40AM
  6. it is surprise how made it what a talent indeed our past is so bright,it is our valuable property

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