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  1. Comment By - gadepaga krishna krishna Date - 27 Mar 2014 Time - 1:21AM
  2. i want to see this temples

  3. Comment By - gadepaga krishna krishna Date - 27 Mar 2014 Time - 1:19AM
  4. hai jai sree Ram

  5. Comment By - indian india infromer Date - 07 Aug 2013 Time - 10:54PM
  6. dear, we want to start find in india maximum income in which sectore come and how type of actio take to income maximum get 1)in rural area agriculture income farmer take but not take all income because in between ferment and saller boker and agent take some commission this is stop doing and establish in co-oprative company This point expand in india news papare and fm and tv seeing and expand this massage Many point I have but I will give you tomorrow. Thanks Regards super hero (in india only one people mind thinking (thought)

  7. Comment By - indian india infromer Date - 07 Aug 2013 Time - 10:53PM
  8. Dear, In india history 1800 fast come foraign engarej person for trade in mari masala for his food save and than after in india sone ki chidiya name get that time Indian people have lot of rupess and lot of claver Indian people but foraign mane more claver the think only 2 point india business destroy 1] hindu and muslit 2 com ko fight which each other 2] Indian culture and Indian sankruti destroy And that was sucees and that time and now time I don’t understand why Indian was poor country Because now a day Indian people get wastern culture that was main think & In India many people good and development in India but India government not supported in indain people expmlat : realiace company in jamanagar get petrol but not sale in india why ? india government not given subsudery no problem 2nd is Indian government limit given realiance company for sale maximum 10000 lter sale in a day am I right? Or worng ? u will think and give me proper reason for not sale in india realiance company petrol What type of step take to start sale in India realince petrol for sale des ka rs des me rahe esake liya kay karna padenga ????? Thanks Regards Milan (in india only one man minds thinking thought)

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