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  1. Comment By - Dr Satya Pal Bindra Date - 24 Aug 2015 Time - 1:23PM
  2. Good collection. Keep it up. Show it to world that India has numerous exciting attractions to inspire mankind.

  3. Comment By - Dr Satya Pal Bindra Date - 24 Aug 2015 Time - 1:11PM
  4. UNCSD Rio+20 urges esamskriti to compile a list of all historical monuments in India for its inclusion in world heritage sites of UNESCO for its preservation, protection and rehabilitation. India must focus on cultural cities from wisdom traditions of ancient India. It is a good luck that Modi Ji as PM is rightly keen not to suggest name of Mugal period Delhi city alone in the UNESCO World Cities.

  5. Comment By - moesh monu baba tiwari Date - 18 Jun 2014 Time - 9:43AM
  6. why not add. makrai photo mp

  7. Comment By - rajesh gautam gautam Date - 14 Mar 2010 Time - 12:22AM
  8. piz. aid main kamtanath pramukh duar pic.

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